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Eliminate manual transactions without asking them to change their way of doing business
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According to a 2019 IDC survey, “more than 33% of organizations still use manual forms and fax for their business transactions.” Translating them to electronic data interchange (EDI) manually is costly, time consuming and prone to error.

IBM Sterling® Document Conversion Services converts non-structured documents such as faxes, emails and PDFs into an EDI or other structured format, offering an electronic alternative to these types of inefficient manual transactions. 


Benefits Automate manual transactions

Reduce errors and save up to 160 hours a week by eliminating rekeying and manually processing mail, fax and telephone orders.

Customize processes and decrease costs

Improve efficiency and cut operational costs by using EDI, which automates the paperless translations of documents.

Gain enhanced visibility

Streamline your order flow with improved visibility and responsiveness.

Features Advanced OCR to read images

Translate all printed text images with advanced OCR, including those of poor quality.

Supports multiple languages

Convert foreign language documents with EDI. More than 40 languages are supported.

Customized exception handling

Customize and define distinct exceptions for documents specific to your customers.

ICR technology to recognize handwriting

Interpret freeform hand-printed texts with Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR).

This entire initiative for implementing B2B Integrator and document conversion services is IBM, and IBM has created a big brand for itself within our organization. Erik Andersen Senior Vice President of IT MISUMI USA
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