You can’t build a smarter supply chain on manual processes

Approximately two-thirds of companies still use email, phone, fax and postal mail for exchanging B2B transactions with at least 30% of their business partners, according to the Aberdeen Survey sponsored by IBM, "Manual Documents Processing Pain Points."

IBM Sterling Transaction Manager provides a user-friendly web portal that automates manual B2B transactions. This helps save time and money by reducing errors, cutting costs, and improving customer satisfaction with non-EDI suppliers, customers and other trading partners.

This secure solution delivers a customizable B2B transaction management platform to easily digitize B2B transactions, onboard new partners, and foster deep visibility across B2B transaction lifecycles.


Product options

  • IBM Sterling Supplier Transaction Manager: Create and exchange B2B documents (PO, POA, ASN, invoice) with your non-EDI-enabled suppliers through a security-rich, customizable website.
  • IBM Sterling Customer Transaction Manager: Digitize the sales order process among non-EDI-enabled customers by automating purchase orders to back end systems. With the simple catalog interface feature, you can build a single seller B2B site or a multi-vendor marketing place with ease.


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Screenshot of IBM Sterling Transaction Manager software showing dashboard with purchase order status


Automate and digitize B2B transactions with suppliers and customers

  • Reduce errors and improve data quality 
  • Improve response times to transaction inquiries and boost customer satisfaction
  • Reduce staff time required to handle manual transactions


Quickly and easily onboard non-technical trading partners

  • Get faster time to revenue
  • Drive 100% trading partner participation in automated B2B transaction exchange
  • Reduce staff time required to onboard new trading partners and seamlessly manage those partner relationships

Screenshot of IBM Sterling Transaction Manager software showing purchase order inbox
Screenshot of IBM Sterling Transaction Manager software showing advanced search capabilities


Gain unified visibility across supply chain partner transactions

  • Eliminate visibility blind spots resulting from manual processes
  • Get earlier visibility into issues and anomalies to proactively mitigate risks or issues