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Create and distribute rich product content automatically across a digital product catalog
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Accurate and automated product information is key

IBM® Sterling Catalog Manager is a digital product catalog with a unified content management and distribution platform that provides complete control over product management, catalog data syndication and marketplace selling.

Ensure confidence that product information and availability are up to date and accurate
  • Single, unified content management and distribution platform
  • Expand retail product listings with automated data feeds 
  • Control update approvals with accept or reject function
Quickly digitize manual catalog information and integrate with your EDI system
  • Automate and streamline manual processes and improve response time
  • Define and implement business rules and processes for every catalog
  • Simplify digital work-flows for non-technical 
Collaborate to bring rich product content in any format to improve digital selling experiences
  • User-friendly tools to flexibly create and distribute product content
  • Reduce partner confusion by providing product information through an intuitive UI
  • Product content can be created by non-EDI users
Use one platform

Get complete control over product management, catalog data syndication and marketplace selling through a single, unified content management and distribution platform.

Order with confidence

Easily order products with the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Support processes

Connect product information with your ERP system to support purchasing order processes, generate an EDI 832 or other structured files.

Set the rules

Define business rules and guidelines for every catalog, with the option to manually accept or reject changes.

Get Excel uploads

Get supported catalog uploads from Excel.

Control data flow

Develop and manage data exchange and flow among trading partners and systems.

Manage the schedule

Manage all aspects of a project or schedule including resources, deliverables and dependencies, risk mitigation, status reports, and steering committee meetings.

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