IBM® DataPower® Gateway helps organizations meet the security and integration needs of a digital business in a single multichannel gateway. Optimize access across multiple channels with purpose-built gateways. With pricing plans for both physical and virtual, this has never been easier.


Version features

IBM DataPower Gateway – Physical IBM DataPower Gateway – Virtual
Intrusion detection: hardware protection against malicious altering of physical system Deployed on commodity x86 hardware servers and supported cloud environments
Secured boot process: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip decrypts firmware at startup High elasticity—easily moved between servers with flexibility to increase capacity
Hardware Security Module (HSM): provides tamper-proof storage of private key material Flexible licensing and entitlement options
FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance through the use of HSM Increased workload isolation
Purpose-built system providing hardware-accelerated operations Run multiple instances concurrently on a single physical server
Lower latency and higher throughput than virtual appliances Provides lower-cost environment for application development and test validation
- Optional add-on features (except ISAM and TIBCO EMS) available at no additional cost

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