Platform benefits

Work on a unified dashboard

Protect data, manage users and contain threats from a unified dashboard enabled with AI and automation.

Integrate with existing infrastructure

Connect to your existing security infrastructure, including IBM® and non-IBM products off-the-shelf to avoid integration efforts.

Leverage open security

Integrate easily with your existing applications and scale security as you grow with open source and open standards.

Keep your data where it is

Gain security insights without having to move your data and avoid additional complexity and costs.

Modernize your security architecture

Deploy on-premises, private cloud or public cloud—or use software as a service (SaaS), depending on your need.

Deploy cross-cutting use cases

Break down silos in security teams to run cross-cutting use cases across data, identity and SOC teams, and get a better view of risk posture.

How much does a data breach cost?

Get insights from real breaches in the Cost of a Data Breach report

Use cases

Detect and respond to breaches

Process for data breach detection and response

Data breach detection and response

Operationalize data security and uncover insights related to compliance violations and risk by connecting additional security data and enriching workflows. For example, if abnormal user behavior is detected, Cloud Pak for Security sends out an alert and a case is generated in IBM Security® QRadar® SOAR. A security analyst will review the case, use SOAR to respond and initiate federated search to enrich investigation.

Prevent account takeovers

Process for dynamic account takeover prevention

Dynamic account takeover prevention

Understand identity risks by connecting user events for deeper context and actionable unified workflows. If a suspicious login attempt is detected, IBM Security® Verify sends data to IBM Security® QRadar® SIEM, which correlates the alert and sends it to SOAR for remediation. A security analyst will initiate a federated search for further enrichment, and future login attempts are challenged with multi-factor authentication.

Detect system vulnerabilities

Process for data breach detection and response

Detection and response to vulnerabilities

Improve SOC efficiency by using unified workflows and automated investigations while encouraging collaboration in a single view. If a Log4J injection is detected, offense info is sent from SIEM and a case is created in SOAR. The artifacts are enriched by the threat intelligence platform and a federated search is performed. An analyst can use an out-of-the box task to remediate the threat.

Proactively mitigate risks

Process for proactively mitigating business risk

Proactive risk mitigation using risk scores

Benefit from proactive risk mitigation by analyzing cross-segment security data and providing at-a-glance insights for the whole team. When threat events are pulled in from connected data sources, unique risk scores are created based on correlated threat events. A security analyst can take remediation actions, starting from the highest severity alert, and use dynamic playbooks for additional response actions.

Challenges and benefits by role

See how you can power security operations in your role.

Security leader

Security leader challenges
Disparate tools and data locations; integration of too many point products; staffing and skills shortages

How this solution helps you
Connect to data wherever it is; deploy on premises or on cloud; manage from a unified console; streamline with automation

Security analyst

Security analyst challenges
Full threat visibility takes too long; inadequate alert triage and insight; inefficient threat hunting across tools

How this solution helps you
Prioritize threats with a customized score; automatically create cases; perform federated search across data sources

Incident responder

Incident responder challenges
Managing manual processes for large data volumes; defining processes across tools; coordinating actions across disparate teams

How this solution helps you
Integrate tools; automate tasks and logging; create playbooks for incident response; collaborate through a unified console

Data security specialist

Data security specialist challenges
Monitor and identify risks to sensitive data; meet regulatory requirements; respond to data threats

How this solution helps you
Unify data security visibility; data activity monitoring for hybrid cloud; analyze and prioritize data risks; respond to data threats


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