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Accelerate your modernization journey from a traditional Java Application Server to a modern lightweight runtime in the cloud
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Sustainable modernization is at the forefront of IT priorities.  Minimizing environmental impact while combating lingering technical debt is putting pressure on organizations to adopt modern software practices and standards. 

IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor allows your organization to efficiently plan your runtime modernization effort by analyzing on-premises workloads for modernization. Determine the complexity of your applications, estimate the development cost to move to a modern Java runtime, and get recommendations and accelerators for the best target environment on-prem or in the Cloud.

Impact 99% Faster Deployments 

App modernization and automation reduced full deployment cycle time by >99% from up to a month to about an hour

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70%  Reduced migration effort 

Save time, money and get the most secure version of the code available. It’s win-win

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Use cases

Leverage new capabilities with a lightweight runtime that aligns Application Development to modern Java standards

Easier automation and increased workload density with on-demand compute and immutable infrastructure
Automated data gathering provides the assessment of migration issues for each application while identifying all common issues and modules to optimize your migration process

Case studies IBM CIO blog

The IBM CIO organization has undertaken a large transformation to modernize traditional applications and infrastructure to a hybrid cloud platform.

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Explore how Discover proved out a modernization path to WebSphere Liberty utilizing Transformation Advisor

BlueCross BlueShield

BlueCross optimizes computing resources and gives developers more flexibility and efficiency as a result of migrating to a modern WebSphere Liberty-based infrastructure.

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