Get more from your data lake with storage architected for the cognitive era. Announcing Hortonworks Data Platform on IBM Power Systems with Elastic Storage Server.

Fuel business breakthroughs with more data, faster

IBM Power Systems with POWER8® processors and differentiated acceleration technology are designed to crush big data workloads, raising the bar for what’s possible with next-gen data-driven applications — today.

IBM is partnering with Hortonworks to unlock superior data throughput and speed for connected enterprise data of all types, from all sources. With industry-leading performance and IT efficiency combined with the best of open innovation to accelerate big data analytics and AI, organizations can unlock and scale data-driven insights for the business like never before.

Hortonworks on Power is open for innovation

100% open source Apache Hadoop and Spark on IBM Power Systems built with OpenPOWER technology delivers the best of open source economics and innovation without vendor lock-in.

Superior performance

1.7X performance advantage for typical Hadoop workloads versus competing x86-based solutions.

Maximum efficiency

Reduce storage infrastructure requirements by 3X compared to HDFS when integrating with IBM Elastic Storage Server with Spectrum Scale Erasure Coding.(1)

Ready for cognitive

Seamlessly integrate IBM’s PowerAI deep learning distribution on the fastest server for AI.

(1) HDFS makes 3 copies of data for data protection and availability; IBM ESS uses erasure coding for data protection and availability; It also allow sharing the same data over NAS and Object protocols with other enterprise applications.

1.7X Hadoop workload performance compared to Intel x86 (2)

(2) Performance results based on IBM internal testing.


“The combination of open technologies from IBM and Hortonworks enable advanced analytics to mine key insights from unstructured data.”

--Michael Kowolenko, Ph.D.,
Managing Director at Institute of Next Generation Computing at NC State University


Hortonworks and IBM have expanded our partnership to bring you the future of data science.

Big data. Big opportunities.

The superior price performance of modern database management solutions running on IBM OpenPOWER LC servers brings the future of the data center into focus affordably. Cloud-ready and designed for open source, OpenPOWER LC is the superior choice for powering next generation business capabilities.

  • Real-time analytics
  • New data sources and types
  • Next-generation applications

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