Scale-out servers

Power Systems scale-out servers deliver the flexibility you need for seamless datacenter and cloud integration while achieving new insights faster through acceleration. Scale-out servers are different by design – engineered at every level to be more powerful and open than anything else you can get.

IBM Power System S822LC for Big Data

This storage-rich, high data throughput server design was built on open standards to meet the big data workloads of today — and grow with your needs for tomorrow.

Starting at $6,399.00 (IBM US Web price)*

IBM Power System S822LC for Commercial Computing

Open standards-based system that provides flexible deployment options for hybrid cloud, big data, and business-critical applications.

Starting at $9,699.00 (IBM US Web price)*

IBM Power System S821LC

Compute-intensive workloads can now benefit from two POWER8 processors in a 1U form factor. This server delivers the density your business needs for virtualization, database, and HPC deployments.

Starting at $5,999.00 (IBM US Web price)*

IBM Power System S812L and S822L

Power Systems Linux based one and two socket servers provide the ideal foundation for private and public cloud infrastructure. The S812L and S822L servers based on POWER8™ processors deliver superior throughput of x86 based offerings for comparable workloads and provide superior economics for scale-out deployments.

Starting at $7,973.00 (IBM US Web price)*


* Price does not include tax and is subject to change without notice. Price indicated applies to specific model which may not have all available features and functions. Different configurations have higher prices. Operating system is available for an additional charge.

How businesses benefit from small enterprise servers

Reduce IT costs with EnterpriseDB on POWER8

Gain datacenter efficiency without compromising capabilities for 2X performance per core on POWER8 vs. x86.

Attunity & Hortonworks – delivering a superior solution for the modern data

Attunity Replicate for Hortonworks HDP running on IBM Power Systems provides "the right data at the right place at the right time."