What is the Integrated Facility for Linux?

IBM® Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) is a processor dedicated to Linux workloads on IBM Z®. It is supported by the Linux operating system for IBM Z, IBM z/VM® with IBM Wave for z/VM, KVM and container technologies.

The IBM z15™ offers massive processing capacity with up to 190 user-configurable IFLs on one server, and up to 40 TB Redundant Array of Independent Memory (RAIM).

Lower expenses

IFLs allow for a very high virtual Linux server density resulting in reduced expenses in the areas of operational efforts, software licensing, energy and floor space.

Reduce risk

IFLs have the Central Processor Assist Crypto Function (CPACF) instructions, and protect against outages with built in automated diagnostics, problem determination and isolation.

Gain enormous capacity

The IBM z15 supports up to 190 user-configurable IFLs with SMT, SIMD, and cache structure for extreme performance and throughput.

IFL features and product details

  • Extensive processing capacity
  • Designed for performance
  • Flexibility to add IFLs
  • High speed communication
  • Manageable by PR/SM or IBM Dynamic Partition Manager
  • No affect to MSU rating
  • Widely available and supported