Power E1080 Server

Discover what IBM Power E1080 can do for your business

When cyber resilience and efficient scaling are absolute musts, you need an enterprise-grade hybrid cloud infrastructure engineered to handle it all.
IBM Power® E1080 makes the most secure and reliable server platform in its class even better with transparent memory encryption, efficient scaling and faster insights with production-ready AI at the point of data. Get more than five nines availability with 25% less downtime than comparable systems while reducing costs, complexity and your carbon footprint.


Protect your data from core to cloud

Transparent in-memory encryption simplifies hybrid cloud protection without impacting performance. Prepare for cyberthreats with Quantum-safe Cryptography & Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE).

Drive greater efficiency with sustainable and scalable compute

Power E1080 can deliver up to 30% more performance per core and over 50% more throughput at the socket and system level. Save 1/3 of the energy required to support your critical environments.

Streamline insights and automation

The built-in inference engine on Power10 brings AI closer to your data to reduce cost and complexity. Create models anywhere with ONNX, run Python® and code with Tensorflow, PyTorch or XGBoost.

Deliver continuous availability

Meet the most reliable server in its class with 25% less downtime than comparable systems. The new memory architecture in Power E1080 delivers 2X more availability than the industry standard options.

IBM Power E1080 key features

  • Persistent security for core business applications and data
  • Scale operational applications and enterprise databases efficiently
  • Ensure continuous operations for critical business services
  • Run high performance AI applications securely and efficiently

IBM Power E1080

Designed to securely scale the most business critical applications.

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