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What is IBM Watson OpenScale?

See how IBM Watson® OpenScale™ tracks and measures outcomes from AI across its lifecycle, and adapts and governs AI to changing business situations — for models built and running anywhere. Watson OpenScale is available in IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data and on IBM Cloud™.

AI outcomes news and resources

451 Research Firestarter logo 2019

451 Research recognizes Watson OpenScale for innovation

Business users can now examine models without the help of data scientists. Learn how in the report.

Kelly Combs against a black background

KPMG: Stewarding responsible AI with Watson OpenScale

Kelly Combs, an IBM Women Leader in AI honoree, on how Watson OpenScale helps govern and scale AI for KPMG clients.

Dinesh Nirmal against a pink background

See how to unlock the value of your data

Watch a keynote on an architecture to trust and control the business impact and risks of AI.

Five Best Practices that Speed AI Value at Your Organization - By IBM Watson

Watch webinar: Faster AI value

Get expert advice on the trends and best practices that boost the ROI of AI.

Watson OpenScale automatically  detect AI bias

News: Auto-detect AI bias

Learn how Watson OpenScale automatically flags potential bias issues in your AI models.

Watson OpenScale helps AI-curated Wimbledon highlights

AI-curated Wimbledon highlights

Learn how OpenScale helps pick the best highlights to serve quality content to fans.


Measure and track AI outcomes

Track performance of production AI and its impact on business goals, with actionable metrics, in a single console.

Tune your AI for business

Apply business results to create a continuous feedback loop that improves and sustains AI outcomes.

Govern and explain AI

Maintain regulatory compliance by tracing and explaining AI decisions across workflows, and intelligently detect and correct bias to improve outcomes.

Use cases

Credit risk modeling

Credit lenders can monitor risk models for performance, bias and explainability to limit risk exposure from regulations and create more fair and explainable outcomes for customers.

Graphic of credit risk modeling

Explainable claims processing

Insurance underwriters can use machine learning to more consistently and accurately assess claims risk, ensure fair outcomes for customers and explain AI recommendations for regulatory and business intelligence purposes.

Graphic of explainable claims processing

Predict CSP asset failures

Data scientists can build machine-learning models and work with their IT operations teams to confidently recommend proactive asset maintenance for communications service providers (CSPs).

Graphic of predict CSP asset failures

AI model control capabilities

Screenshot showing Watson OpenScale AI bias detection

See how Watson OpenScale helps debias AI models

Watch a demo of Watson OpenScale detecting and mitigating AI model bias in a credit risk scenario.

Screenshot showing Watson OpenScale explaining AI outcomes

See how Watson OpenScale explains AI outcomes

Watch a demo of Watson OpenScale explaining AI outcomes during runtime in a business-friendly language.

Screenshot showing Watson OpenScale AI mode drift detection

See how Watson OpenScale helps correct AI mode drift

Watch a demo of Watson OpenScale monitoring and comparing data to alert users to AI model drift.

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