Your reputation depends on data encryption

In an environment of changing mandates and constant audits, encryption keeps your data safe, and your organization compliant.

Cyber-attackers loom, and regulations constantly shift. Data – whether on-prem, in flight or in the cloud – must be encrypted to remain secure and compliant. Yet selective data encryption – the traditional method – is costly, resource-intensive and forces risky decisions:

  • What data is encrypted?
  • Where is encryption taking place?
  • Who is responsible for encryption?


records have been breached since 2013 – only 4% were encrypted.(1)


The average cost of a data breach in 2017.(2)

9 ways pervasive encryption protects you

Encrypt everything

Pervasive encryption easily encrypts all data associated with an application, database or cloud service – whether on-prem or in the cloud, at rest or in flight. 

Reduce encryption cost and time

Independent research finds that pervasive encryption runs 18.4 times faster at 1/20 the cost of alternatives, and does not impact SLAs.

Simplify compliance

Regulations shift, but your encryption strategy shouldn’t have to. Eliminate the need to demonstrate field-level compliance by removing users and classes of data compliance scope.

Avoid application changes

Let your developers focus on building new apps – not updating existing ones. Pervasive encryption protects critical data without requiring time- and cost-intensive application changes.

Protect data at multiple levels

Multiple layers of encryption – from disk and tape up through applications – construct the strongest possible defense against security breaches.

Keep encryption keys safe

Encryption keys are another potential attack point for hackers. Pervasive encryption closes this security gap by allowing you to carefully manage and control encryption key access.

Secure the cloud

Don’t compromise on cloud security. IBM z14™ encrypts APIs 2-3 times faster than competitors, and permits easy integration with the Blockchain High Security Network.

Reduce CPU costs

Pervasive encryption encrypts data in bulk and at hardware and software levels, all while using just 8% of processing resources compared to most x86 platforms.

Ease network discovery

Identifying where and how network traffic is protected is manual and labor-intensive. See where and how network sessions are protected with IBM z/OS Communications Server’s single-dashboard view.

Pervasive encryption: Now available on IBM z14

Discover why IBM z14 is the world’s most secure platform.


No application changes and no impact to SLAs.

Encrypts using just 8% of the processor resources required by x86.


100% encryption of application, cloud service and database data.

Hear from customers

“The star that steals the show... is the pervasive encryption. That is the silver bullet that will revolutionize the industry.”

— Tom Connolly, Managing Director, Bank of New York Mellon

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2. Breach Level Index (this site resides outside

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