IBM encryption technology

Data breaches can be devastating to your business operationally and financially. That’s why, having the right encryption solution is so important — only authorized users can access your data, and not prying eyes.


According to The Poneman Institute, several scenarios pose the greatest security challenges to your business. Find out what they are and how you can protect against them by reaping the benefits of pervasive encryption.¹

Simplify data protection


USD 290,000 was the average cost increase of a breach due to system complexity.

Secure your IT infrastructure


USD 3.2 million was the average loss in a breach due to system glitches.

Ensure business continuity


Was the average number of records lost in a data breach.

The platform for data encryption everywhere

With IBM z15™ you can protect your data on-prem or in flight – running up to 19 billion fully encrypted transactions per day – and manage privacy by policy.

Encryption technologies

Deliver policy-based encryption

Use policy controls to extend data encryption and privacy throughout your enterprise.

Pervasive encryption

Encrypt data efficiently, cost-effectively and without application changes.

Protect data in flight

Protect and encrypt data flowing on FICON® and Fibre Channel (FCP) links from IBM Z to IBM DS8900F.

Gain high throughput

Use an HSM designed for sensitive workloads and CPACF for on-chip acceleration.

Centralize key management

Make encryption easy by decoupling it from data classification, enabling you to encrypt data automatically.

Protect data where it's stored

IBM Z® and IBM Storage work together to help you achieve data protection and cyber resiliency.

Keep your data safe, on-premises and in the cloud

Improve data protection and privacy by encrypting each stage of the data’s lifecycle, transmission, storage and processing.

Speed adoption of encryption capabilities

IBM Z Forward Acceleration Initiative

Eligible purchases of IBM z15 can now earn rewards toward onsite or remote services, and expedite your adoption of new encryption and data privacy technologies.

See how the proven expertise of IBM Systems Lab Services consultants can help you make the most of your investment.


Encrypt z/OS data sets

Learn how to get started with z/OS® data set encryption.

Protection beyond systems of record

Keep your data safe from loss and from unauthorized access.

Trends in data protection

Find out the top data protection challenges facing IT leaders today.

Secure cloud for Dummies

Read about how to fuel your digital transformation with a secure hybrid cloud.

Next steps

Learn what to do next to enable data protection everywhere for your business