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An IBM Linux server: the code you want,
the performance you need

Image of IBM Linux servers

A Linux server from IBM gives you the freedom to pick the platform that best suits your business priorities, workload, and IT strategies. Linux is supported as a tier 1 operating system across all IBM systems, with industry-standard distributions and hardware options that offer higher performance and lower cost than commodity infrastructure.

Linux has continued as the fastest growing server operating system—from embedded devices to supercomputers and for cloud and traditional enterprise servers in between—and IBM has made significant contributions to Linux and open source to help make them enterprise ready. Linux on IBM Systems gives you the security, resiliency, and operational flexibility for success in a data driven world.


IBM LinuxONE™ is a Linux and open source superhero made for the app economy. Combining the best of enterprise Linux and open source, LinuxONE is the most efficient, powerful, secure Linux server platform. LinuxONE can scale up to 8,000 virtual machines or over a million containers – currently the most of any single Linux system.

Unleash your open source apps and services on the Linux platform with
no limits.

The IBM LinuxONE platform gives you Linux your way, with the flexibility to create solutions for mobile, cloud, analytics and DevOps. And LinuxONE does it all on your terms with a flexible yet powerful infrastructure that helps ensure that business receives the performance, reliability, security and processing power they need to address increasingly sophisticated and demanding application requirements.

IBM LinuxONE works with open source and industry tools and software including Apache Spark, Node.js, MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Chef and Docker. Supported Linux distributions include Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu.

Photo of IBM Linux One server

IBM Power Systems

Supported on every Power Systems server we make, Linux on Power Systems is the only Linux server infrastructure that offers both granular scale-out and scale-up choices that align to your needs and meet the pressing demands of the waitless world.

Open innovation is the future of business.

Clients can confidently run highly scalable, highly reliable, and highly flexible Linux environments on POWER processor-based servers. Watson was built on Linux on Power Systems for the big data, scientific, and analytics advantages POWER provides. IBM is investing heavily in building solution catalogs for emerging areas where POWER offers unique advantages to clients, such as multi-thread dependent workloads and HPC workloads. And the benefits of Power Systems are realized whether a client is deploying new applications or wants to improve the performance of existing applications.


An IBM Z Linux server offers a uniquely powerful enterprise Linux solution for data center simplicity, trusted operations and unrivaled economics. And using the Linux OS on IBM Z allows for an easy integration with workloads running on z/OS or z/VSE. It’s an enterprise grade platform for Linux.

Go from ordinary to extraordinary with the enterprise grade platform for Linux.

Designed for business critical applications, an enterprise-grade platform for Linux lets you scale up to more than 1000 virtual machines within a single system and consolidate scale-out environments. With 15 years of success on IBM Z, developers and IT managers exploit enterprise-grade performance for I/O intensive workloads, protection, and availability with open standard tools and emerging technology.

Photo of IBM Z Linux server

Linux support and services



Services and support for the powerful, secure Linux platform made for the app economy.

Linux on powerone

Linux on POWER

Services and support for the only Linux infrastructure that offers both scale-out and scale-up choices that align to your needs.


Linux on IBM Z

Services and support for Linux on the reliable, secure IBM mainframe platform.