IBM can help you leverage vast quantities of data to uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas and enable lightning-fast decisions by quickly converting data into insights.

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Session 2290 – Warp speed ahead: Transform, modernize, and monetize with flash and software-defined storage

This session features a panel of cross-industry experts, including Eric Herzog of IBM, Steve O’Brien from Unisys, Mark Godard from SparkCognition, and Nader El-Ramly from ZE Power Group. These experts will share how they have successfully laid solid foundations for hybrid cloud and cognitive computing. Specifically, they will discuss how they have transcended the buzzwords and architected datacenters with flash and software-defined solutions to drive businesses focused on insights and serving customers in real-time. You will learn first-hand from the experiences of senior IT leaders, and walk away with an understanding of paths to success and pitfalls to avoid when approaching digital transformation, cloud-building, and preparedness for the cognitive era.

Monday, March 20 at 2:00 p.m.


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