HR Group

  • Footwear retailer with locations in 20 countries
  • Headquarters: Osnabrück, Germany
  • 60% faster business processes with half the processor cores

“SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems enables HR Group to run complex planning analytics much faster than before. Not only can we run existing analytics more quickly, we are also able to complete more granular planning, so we can now stock the right products at the right branches more reliably than before.”

— Matthias Schäfer, Head of Application Development


  • Natural gas distributor serving 1.3 million customers
  • Locations: Córdoba and Mendoza, Argentina
  • 73% acceleration in processing of customer payments

“The SAP HANA database promises immense performance gains from in-memory processing.”

— Oscar Sobrero, Head of IT

“We rely on IBM Power Systems, because the servers offer spectacular performance and round-the-clock reliability for our SAP environment.”

— Oscar Sobrero, Head of IT

South Shore Furniture

  • Major North American furniture manufacturer
  • Headquarters: Sainte-Croix, Quebec
  • 8x faster transaction processing time

“We need to be very fast in the supply chain to deliver the product at the right time… We need our system 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We have a lot of data that is coming from consumers but we never had the ability or capability to analyze that… With SAP HANA on POWER8 we will have this kind of option.”

— Claude Bernier, Vice President of IT


  • Leading producer of PVC systems for windows and doors
  • Headquarters: Sendenhorst, Germany
  • 30% faster SAP ERP response time

“To keep production lines rolling and customer deliveries going out on time, we need our SAP applications to run reliably and without interruption, around the clock.”

— Christian Otte, Server Center Manager

“We selected POWER8 servers to support our SAP HANA database for the same reasons we have always chosen the platform for our traditional SAP applications environment—scalability, stability, reliability and performance.”

— Christian Otte, Server Center Manager