What is software-defined infrastructure?

Whether it's human genome research for cancer treatments and personalised medicine, aerodynamics testing for racecars, or for risk analysis of stock portfolios, organisations are using IBM software-defined infrastructure (SDI) solutions to efficiently deliver IT services.

SDI helps transform a static IT infrastructure into a dynamic resource, workload and data-aware environment. Application workloads are serviced automatically by the most appropriate resource running locally, in the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment.

With SDI, you can securely integrate mobile services, use data efficiently for analytics services, and manage in an always-on world for service predictability.

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Software-defined compute, software-defined storage

Imagine a dynamic infrastructure that's cost controlled and optimised for performance


Software-defined computing helps reduce multiple silos, uneven processing and delayed results that come with diverse users and complex application portfolios.

IBM Spectrum Computing uses intelligent workloads and policy-driven resource scheduling to accelerate time to results up to 150X while optimising resources across the data centre, from application software licenses to available network bandwidth.

Maximise HPC Productivity and Value (PDF, 939 KB) Build a multi-tenant big data environment


A secure, software-defined storage environment can efficiently extract the most value from the unprecedented volume and variety of data facing your organisation.

IBM Spectrum Storage leverages hybrid cloud storage and data protection for analytics. Designed to simplify and speed storage management, it scales with data anywhere, and optimises with multi-brand virtualisation, intelligent tiering, and open API support.

SDS: How to get started ESG: IBM's creativity in SDS (PDF, 564 KB)

Red Bull uses Spectrum Computing, resulting in production throughput improvements.

Red Bull Racing steers championship success

IBM powers high- performance computing and real-time analytics to help racing team design and run the best cars on the track.

Sanger Institute uses Spectrum Computing to help understand the role of genetics in health and disease.

Sanger Institute optimises high- performance computing with analytics

Leading-edge research firm implements IBM Spectrum Computing solutions to ensure optimal resource utilisation.

Voice recognition software company uses software-defined storage.

Nuance tackles massive data growth with scale-out storage

Voice-recognition software company uses IBM Spectrum Storage to manage data and integrate file and object storage technologies.

IBM Spectrum Protect, formerly Tivoli Storage Manager, is a data protection platform.

Tectrade services protect client data, the DNA of today’s business

IBM’s software-defined storage offers protection solution for clients of European data management expert.