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What’s new in IBM Systems

Build your IT expertise ten seconds at a time

And think beyond the status quo. Because a cognitive business is a thinking business.

Cognitive computing sets the pace for innovation

Harvard Business Review report helps position your business to win.

Taking cognitive business a beat further

Listen to the sound of client innovation with sounds created entirely by IBM infrastructure technologies.

IT After Dark: executives and IT leaders candidly discuss how IT infrastructure strategy is today’s business strategy.

How do IT heroes rise to the challenges of a digital era? IBM clients tuned systems for cognitive business to leapfrog competition.

IT leaders are learning to master hybrid clouds, integrate mobile services, leverage data analytics and operate predictably.

Fitting the platform to the application: Learn more about the demands placed on today’s IT infrastructure for cognitive workloads.

Check out what’s trending in IBM IT infrastructure

Using data to drive China’s transformation

How do you increase business competitiveness and better connect with customers? How do you minimise the side effects of rapid growth—without stalling growth? These questions are being answered in China.

Trailblazing in the connected economy

Embracing the connected economy now determines performance. Market leaders recognise the threat from digital disruption and the value of IT leadership in bringing their company into the connected economy.

Profiting from disruption

A confluence of changes has created an unprecedented disruption in businesses and enterprises, leading the technology industry to evolve and transform dramatically. But what is generating this disruption and how can a company maximise what the available technology can do?

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Call us at +44 870 539 0390 (UK) | +353 18811177 (Ireland) | Priority code: IBM Systems