Infrastructure security for a hybrid cloud world

Over half of all data breaches involve malicious attacks¹, making it more important in a hybrid cloud world to control who can access your data and to protect it from vulnerabilities at rest or in flight. From the servers at your global headquarters to your HR team’s software, you need to build security into every level of your business and IT infrastructure, and maintain that security when data moves beyond the platform.


Grow without worry

As your business scales, you need to know your security solutions will, too. By using IBM Power Systems™, Carhartt is able to scale on demand and grow with confidence.

Protect beyond the platform

It’s not enough to only keep your data protected on-premises. Learn how the Met Office safely and securely pushes data from an on-premises cluster to a public cloud platform.

Securely build your cloud

Get peace of mind and resiliency for even the most demanding workloads. Bradesco, the third-largest bank in Brazil, uses IBM Z® to keep 1.5 billion monthly transactions safe.

Infrastructure security solutions

Secure scale-out servers

IBM Power Systems gives you the flexibility to scale and accelerate your cloud infrastructure strategy without sacrificing security.

Storage for hybrid cloud

IBM Storage goes beyond data backup and recovery with capabilities that offer cloud-native experience, cyber resilience, and always-on availability.

Mainframes for enterprise security

With IBM Z and IBM Data Privacy Passports you can keep your data encrypted and private as it moves across your hybrid cloud.

Secure, resilient hybrid cloud

Get the cloud you want, with the privacy and security you need, while avoiding cloud security risks and migration challenges.

Reduce downtime with better security

According to ITIC’s 2020 global survey on server reliability, “security constitutes one of the most daunting threats to server and operating system stability and reliability.” Read the full survey to learn how you get constant protection with pervasive encryption from IBM.

Deliver policy based encryption wherever your data flows

IBM Hyper Protect Data Controller lets you keep data encrypted and maintains privacy by policy as that data moves from its source throughout your enterprise, and even across hybrid cloud environments.


A smarter cybersecurity strategy

Join IBM Distinguished Engineer Michael Jordan and IBM CTO Satya Sharma to learn smart strategies for your cybersecurity challenges.

Seven steps to align IT security needs

Learn how you can truly position IT security, privacy and compliance front and center with your C-suite.

Multi-layered security

Learn how to seamlessly protect and optimize your IT infrastructure with a multi-layered approach to server security.

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¹ “2019 Cost of a Data Breach Study: Global Overview.” Ponemon Institute, July 2019. (link resides outside of ibm.com)