SAP HANA servers have helped these business grow with the flexibility and performance that their data demands.


To improve application performance and ensure compliance with new regulations, Brazil-based food producer BRF migrated their SAP ERP Central Component environment to SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage.


Metals company Ryerson deploys SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems to enable their customer services to shine, paving the way for advanced digital self-service and mobile capabilities that drive business success.


Porrua, the largest bookstore chain in Mexico, uses SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage to focus on enhancing the unique bookstore experience that creates customer loyalty and higher sales.

AI and HPC

Learn how Power Systems provide the infrastructure to accelerate and simplify AI, data analytics, and HPC.

IBM GRAF from The Weather Company

The Weather Company, an IBM Business, offers the most accurate forecasts globally – more than 25 billion per day – with personalized and actionable weather data and insights.

IBM Bayesian Optimization (IBO) Software

To arrive at the optimal design point for chip-to-chip communication, IBM engineers are faced with running multiple simulations that consider all necessary design parameters and/or tolerances.

The Harry Butler Institute

The Harry Butler Institute implemented IBM PowerAI Vision to enhance its machine learning and deep learning capabilities, redefining the way they identify invasive species on Barrow Island.

Vision Banco

Vision Banco saved time and increased revenue by building more accurate models for credit risk analysis with H20 Driverless AI on IBM Power Systems AC922.

Oxford Cancer Biomarkers

Oxford Cancer Biomarkers worked with Meridian IT to deploy IBM Visual Insights (previously IBM PowerAI Vision) on Power Systems AC922,  accelerating analysis of the risk of colorectal cancer recurrence.


Discover how IBM Cloud boosts greater speed and productivity with more capabilities than other cloud infrastructures.


Property management firm Steffimmo migrated their IT systems to IBM i running on Power Systems S924 in the cloud, enabling a long-term productivity boost and operational savings to facilitate business expansion.

Chrismi Cloud Consultancy

Chrismi Cloud Consultancy teamed up with SpectrumIT Services to enable the upskilling of Australian workers by building a cloud platform on IBM Power Systems that offers a high-density footprint that can handle compute-intensive workloads efficiently.

Caixa Geral de Depositos France

Banking corporation Caixa Geral de Depositos (CGD) France worked with IBM Business Partner Constellation to create a hybrid cloud credit scoring mobile app that rapidly and accurately determine each customer’s credit worthiness.


Find out how AIX has made cloud deployment and management easier than ever with a secure, highly available and adaptable infrastructure.

Zurich Sigorta

Insurer Zurich Sigorta created a secure digital repository, plus online and mobile access, on AIX and IBM Power Systems, thus meeting regulatory demands, managing costs effectively and enhancing service.

Leading South American Insurer

This insurer uses IBM PowerSC and AIX on Power Systems to deliver real-time compliance monitoring across their virtualized PowerVM environment, and IBM PowerVC to standardize their deployment procedure for virtual servers.


To demonstrate their commitment to protecting clients’ data, service provider Fiserv decided to simplify and automate IT security management for their AIX and Power Systems landscape, adopting PowerSC as their new compliance monitoring platform.

Global Payment Services (GPS)

Global Payment Services updated their server architecture with AIX on IBM Power Systems S924, providing the firm with a virtualized processing environment able to keep pace with their increased transactions processing.


Nitori, doubled the size of their business sustainably by working with IBM Systems Lab Services to upgrade from POWER7 to AIX on Power Systems E980 in order to run Oracle databases and specialized applications developed in-house.


IBM i helps these businesses run modern workloads efficiently and securely, so that they are able to use their data to drive growth.

LTI Canada

LTI Canada, a leader in Transfer Agency services, worked with IBM and business partner Mid-Range Computer Group to upgrade from POWER7+ to IBM i on Power Systems S924 in order to ensure the technology stack serving their clients was the best-of-breed.

Wijnen Van Maele

To offer high-quality e-commerce experiences for their customers, wine merchant Wijnen Van Maele migrated to a cloud-based version of IBM i on Power Systems S924 and built a blockchain application to track their wine production from grape to glass.

Cras Woodgroup

Wood specialist Cras Woodgroup automated their manufacturing lines by creating a bespoke application that runs on IBM i and Power Systems S924, allowing the company to meet precise customer requirements.

Stonetales Properties

Stonetales Properties acquired a competitor that was running their applications on Microsoft Windows and x86, so they worked with IBM Business Partner CD Invest to both migrate applications from the acquisition and to upgrade from older Power Systems hardware to IBM i on Power Systems S924 in the cloud.


Industrial workwear retailer Carhartt scaled their sales capacity while keeping operational costs as low as possible by upgrading to IBM i on Power Systems E980 and IBM Storage, working with IBM Business Partner Mainline to ensure efficient migration and implementation.


With IBM Linux servers’ open operating system built by the open source community, these businesses found faster processing speed, bandwidth and inherent security.

The First MicroFinanceBank Limited Pakistan

To meet the financial needs of rural communities in Pakistan, The First MicroFinanceBank Limited Pakistan launched digital access channels using Linux and Oracle Database solutions running on IBM Power Systems and IBM Storwize.

Earth Signal

Earth Signal, a provider of seismic processing services, upgraded to IBM Power Systems L922 servers, doubling their performance and delivering faster insights to their oil and gas clients.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Working with IBM, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College deployed IBM Power Systems running Linux and Hortonworks Data Platform to support a new Big Data Analytics Lab, where students can take part in initiatives aimed at boosting SMEs’ businesses and R&D activities.

Technological Institute of Tijuana

The Technological Institute of Tijuana, to aid in research on a variety of real world domains that required machine learning, upgraded from x86 infrastructure to IBM Power Systems running Linux and Docker.

State Forests Poland

State Forests Poland depends on their central management system running reliably, so they replaced their unstable x86 server platform with IBM Power Systems to boost availability, reliability, performance, and energy efficiency.



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