performance per core
on POWER9™ vs X86

Up to 4.6x

better performance per core on
POWER9 vs previous generations

Save 50%

TCO in 3-5 years when
moving to POWER9

upgrade scale out

IBM Power Systems scale-out servers

Powerful, flexible servers built to deliver value for diverse workloads and mission-critical applications in AIX®, IBM i and Linux environments.

IBM Power Systems enterprise servers

IBM Power Systems enterprise servers

Servers designed with enterprise functionality that includes OpenStack-based cloud management and open source automation, enabling accelerated cloud transformation.

Future-forward and cloud-ready: chart your path to POWER9

Cloud strategy begins with infrastructure. POWER9 simplifies the movement of data, applications, and services across a hybrid cloud environment, bringing instant cloud enablement to even the most data-intensive workloads. Here are the top things to consider before investing in a cloud-ready infrastructure.

Gain a performance advantage – and lower your TCO

You need always-on servers that stay ahead of workload challenges, new data sources and compute demands. With POWER9, deliver superior price-performance over x86 (1) for your mission critical applications, while PowerVM® delivers the virtualization capabilities of live partition mobility built into every POWER9 system.

Infrastructure you can bet your business on

Running your data center on old hardware leaves you at risk for security vulnerabilities. POWER9 servers provide built-in security at every layer, starting at the chip. See the advances since POWER5, on the servers with the highest reliability in the industry for 10 years running.(4)

Ready to take the next step? Let’s talk about your upgrade options.

  1. 2X performance per core is based on IBM Internal measurements as of 2/28/18 on various system configuration and workload environments including Enterprise Database (2.22X per core): 20c L922 (2x10-core/2.9 GHz/256 GB memory): 1,039,365 Ops/sec versus 2-socket Intel Xeon Skylake Gold 6148 (2x20-core/2.4 GHz/256 GB memory): 932,273 Ops/sec. (2) DB2 Warehouse (2.43X per core): 20c S922 (2x10-core/2.9 GHz/512 GB memory): 3242 QpH versus 2-socket Intel Xeon Skylake Platinum 8168 (2x24-core/2.7 GHz/512 GB memory): 3203 QpH.  (3) DayTrader 7 (3.19X per core): 24c S924 (2x12-core/3.4 GHz/512 GB memory): 32221.4 tps versus 2-socket Intel Xeon Skylake Platinum 8180 (2x28-core/2.5 GHz/512 GB memory): 23497.4 tps.
  2. 40-50% is based on published rPerf data of POWER8 and POWER9
  3. Based upon List Price comparison of the cost over 3 years of purchasing Power Systems Hardware, IBM Maintenance Services (24x7, same day onsite), IBM AIX Enterprise Edition and PowerVM Software Subscription & Support to maintain a Power 770 (9117-MMB) 64 cores/1TB vs. a new Power E950 (9040-MR9) 24/32 core, 1TB with equal or greater capacity (rPerf).  Prices are for illustration only and will vary based upon client-specific configuration of cores, memory & I/O installed & purchased.
  4. ITIC 2017 - 2018 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Survey