Succeed with AI

No matter where you are in your journey, Power Systems™ can help you take the next steps to AI. Whether you’re just beginning to get your data house in order or starting to deploy your first deep learning algorithms, these systems are designed with your individual journey in mind. Power Systems’ reliable infrastructure can handle all of the data and processes it takes to build powerful AI applications.

POWER9: Get to the future faster

The premier platform for accelerated computing, the POWER9™ processor’s revolutionary accelerator architecture provides a memory bandwidth superhighway that gives you the speed to power mission-critical insights faster for your datacenter and cloud. 

  • 9.5x max I/O bandwidth vs x86
  • 2x high performance cores vs x86

Power System AC922: Raise your data game

The IBM Power System AC922 is built to exploit the POWER Architecture®, and can deploy deep learning frameworks and accelerated databases with confidence. Unleash the power of its GPU accelerators to get your data and insights quicker and more dependably.

  • Faster I/O - up to 5.6x more I/O bandwidth than x86 servers
  • 2-6 NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPUs with NVLink

Rethink your infrastructure for enterprise AI

AI is redefining the world of IT, and your servers and infrastructure need to keep up. According to IDC, most of the standard infrastructure that is being used in the datacenter for the bulk of workloads is not very suitable for the extreme data-intensive nature of AI. This IDC white paper discusses the challenges you might face and how IBM can help you overcome them with datacenter servers that show truly outstanding performance for a workload such as AI.

Deploy faster with PowerAI Enterprise

Reduce training times from weeks to hours, with near-perfect scaling up to 256 GPUs. Bolstered by IBM Research innovations such as Distributed Deep Learning, POWER9 systems and PowerAI software makes it easy to gain value quickly from complex AI applications.

IBM powers leading open science computers

The new data-centric architecture on the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Summit” and “Sierra” supercomputers drives new insights by embedding compute power everywhere data resides, positioning users for a convergence of analytics, modeling, visualization and simulation.


Hitting the wall

IDC reports on ways to control when and how you “hit the wall” of server infrastructure while developing AI capabilities.

Elinar turns data into business value

Elinar uses IBM technology built for AI to power the disruptive innovation of its content management systems.

“From Here to AI” podcast

Podcaster Dez Blanchfield speaks with business leaders about AI and deep learning to learn how they plan their AI strategy.

The value of AI to enterprise business

Learn how organizations are using AI to provide a new and more efficient level of customer care.