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In the connected economy, success is increasingly dependent on participation in broader business ecosystems. That's why leaders are changing the relationship between IT and lines of business—making them more collaborative and focused on engagement. It also means they are investing more in digital technology, skills, and projects that will take their businesses to the next level.

The connected economy runs on what IDC terms “third platform” technologies – cloud, mobile, social and analytics.
Harvard Business Review. The ecosystem equation: Collaboration in the connected economy



IT infrastructure for cognitive workloads enables a shift to the connected economy

One thing is certain: in order to compete in the connected economy, organisations are changing what they do and how they do it. What often starts as a realignment of the business around the customer is leading to the invention of new products and new business models.

This cascades to changes in organisational structures, required skills and more. And underpinning all of this is an IT infrastructure built for cognitive workloads that lets companies understand what's needed. This special Harvard Business Review Analytic Services research paper, takes a look at how cognitive computing delivers a solid foundation to help you thrive in the connected economy.

Compete as a cognitive business

You want to stay ahead of the market. You want to continue to innovate with new technologies, using the cloud to extend the value of your systems and data. And you want to ensure that your systems help you act at the speed of thought, with a data-centric design that helps you accelerate analytics. That’s your company with a little help from IBM.

You can do more to accelerate analytics through a system built with data-centric design.

Open innovation platform offers solutions to transform IT infrastructure capabilities into competitive advantage.

Security and scalability are critical to building an IT infrastructure that will extend the value of your systems and your data.