The enterprise guide to IT automation
IBM leaders offer an in-depth look at AI-powered IT Automation, including why and how to use it, the issues blocking your efforts, and how to get started.
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Business success today is measured by uptime and high customer satisfaction scores. IT is the critical link—because in our highly digitized world, IT is the business that makes apps and application health a priority not just for IT teams and CIOs but the entire C-suite.

The recent explosion of generative AI and the possibilities it brings put IT—its teams, tools and processes—at a critical juncture. There’s tremendous opportunity for IT, powered by AI, to become not just indispensable to the organization but also a key driver for employee productivity, innovation, responsible stewardship, and seismic cultural shifts.

But there are challenges, too. Delivering ROI, managing employee expectations and creating trustworthy systems for ethics and governance may seem daunting. Yet the risks of maintaining a stale status quo or worse—falling behind the competition—are even greater. As enterprises look for the smartest path forward, it’s time for CIOs and their IT teams to build an AI-powered plan, one that’s “AI first” instead of “AI plus,” because putting AI first changes how you think, operate, and work with your employees, customers, and suppliers.

Using research and insights from IBM® AI and IT professionals, this guide offers ways to tailor, update, or rethink your approach to your own IT and AI strategy.

Table of contents 01: The rise (again) of IT automation

Why IT automation is taking center stage in the age of AI

Chapter 01
02: Moving IT teams from cost center to collaborator with AI automation

How to boost your IT teams with collaboration and technology

Chapter 02
03: How to implement IT automation

Four steps to adding AI and IT automation to your organization

Chapter 03
04: Blockers to IT automation

Technology isn’t the problem; change is the problem

Chapter 04
05: The ethics of AI and automation

Decisions made today will have ramifications for years to come

Chapter 05
06. How to get started with IBM

A trusted partner can help you take the next step on your journey

Chapter 06