The digital revolution demands a better server

To compete in the new digital era, enterprises need an IT infrastructure that’s efficient, secure, adaptive, and integrated. This requires servers designed to handle the explosive growth of increasingly mobile clients, leverage vast amounts of new data, provide deeper real-time insight, and deliver a secure, resilient cloud-ready infrastructure. IBM Z® mainframes offer unprecedented capacity and processing power, real-time insight to personalize customer experiences, and security for sensitive transactions to minimize client exposure and business risk against cyber threats.

Run faster

Process over 30,000 transactions per second and 2.5 billion transactions per day — roughly 100 Cyber Mondays every day.

Be secure

Rely on the industry’s most secure enterprise server, record uptime and 99.999% availability. Many clients report no downtime in a decade.

Go mobile

Enable your enterprise mobile infrastructure in 50% less time and 40% lower cost than x86. And deliver mobile transactions with 36% faster response times.

Reduce cloud TCO

Lower your total cost of ownership by 32% over an x86 cloud and 60% over public cloud in 3 years.

Lower IT costs

Reduce your costs per consolidated workload by up to 55% and lower your software licensing costs by up to 75% over competitors.

Simplify management

Linux on an IBM z13 mainframe system can support up to 8000 virtual machines in a single footprint — ideal for large scale consolidations.

You need enterprise servers designed to:

  • Open new possibilities
  • Perform and scale to your needs
  • Secure transactions, data and systems
  • Enable resilient and flexible I/O Infrastructure
  • Elevate quality of service
  • Outpace in the digital era
  • Reduce the cost of growth

Product images

z13 - head on
z13 - head on
z13 - left
z13 - left
z13 - closeup angle
z13 - closeup angle
z13 - back louvers
z13 - back louvers

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