Think is for thinkers

Think regional events are where thinkers like you gather to make the world of business work smarter.  Where the journey to cloud and AI delivered on a modern infrastructure take center stage. Where you can find the expertise to modernize and secure your enterprise.

Think Regional Events are the best of IBM's Think 2018 global conference.

Network and engage with fellow thinkers that are partnering with IBM and deep dive on the solutions they are using TODAY to shape their industries.

Experience the excitement behind IBM's latest technology with our interactive, immersive demonstrations.

Journey to Cloud

  • Drive innovation by building new cloud-native apps
  • Modernize and extend your existing apps
  • Modernize and secure processes with blockchain
  • Put data to work with automation
  • Migrate and manage entire enterprise IT workloads in the cloud

Journey to AI

  • Use AI to improve customer service contact centers
  • Use AI to enhance knowledge workers
  • Use AI to manage the complexity and risk of compliance
  • Use AI to find the best talent
  • Empower developers to build AI-powered applications

Journey to Security

  • Create a security immune system infused with security data and threat intelligence
  • Use AI to gain security insights from data not accessible by traditional security tools
  • Prepare rapid responses to the inevitable security breach
  • Leverage new technology to encrypt all data, with no performance loss

Journey to Modern Infrastructure

  • Unlock the quantum potential
  • Secure your future with blockchain
  • Modernize your storage
  • Deconstruct the mysteries of AI, ML, and deep learning

There are no more 2018 regional events in plan.


There are no more 2018 regional events in plan.

November 01 - Helsinki, Finland - Register

November 06 - Bled, Slovenia - Register

November 06 - Vienna, Austria - Register

November 07 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Register

November 13 - Madrid, Spain - Register

November 14 - London, England - Register

November 22 - Oslo, Norway - Register

November 22 - Stockholm, Sweden - Register

There are no more 2018 regional events in plan.

November 6 - Guadalajara, Mexico - Register

November 7 - Istanbul, Turkey - Register

There are no more 2018 regional events in plan.