What is Think 2018?

Think about it...AI, Cloud, Data, IoT, and Security. They have merged in your world... and they have in ours too. That's why we're excited to announce a first ever event that reflects the way you do business: Think 2018. Bringing together all of IBMs global conferences including World of Watson and InterConnect to form the technology industry's most important event.

You will learn about the latest advances in technology, hear keynotes previewing the newest solutions and network with industry leaders and peers. Think 2018, happening in Las Vegas, Nevada March 19-22, 2018.

Make it your own, join the Think 2018 JAM

June 20, 21 & 22, 2017

Shape the look and feel of IBMs largest conference in 2018, Think 2018. From exposition, to sessions, to topics, keynotes and more, we are looking to build a conference from the ground up with your help.

A JAM is a tool for business collaboration that engages anyone and everyone - from the intern to the CEO - to speak their mind, surfacing the kind of ideas that improve business. When looking for collective intellect, it's time to JAM.

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