Reinvent your consumer experiences today

Industries are changing. Consumer products from automobiles to home appliances to sportswear are becoming more connected, accessible, and experience-driven. Meanwhile, businesses are transforming to meet customer expectations for differentiated, personalized experiences. And more than ever, data from customer interactions, products, and all business functions is the resource that drives competitiveness.  

Explore the offers below from our showcase at CES 2018, and see what IBM can do to help you create new and exciting experiences for your customers right now.

Watch 'Turning AI into New Ways of Doing Business'

If you missed our IBM Super Session with Beth Smith, Bridget Karlin, & Donna Dillenberger, tune in to the replay! The room was packed with eager attendees excited to hear how our experts can help them introduce AI into their businesses.

How IBM is Recreating Consumer Experiences

The 3 Cs of success for connected vehicles

Learn the 3 Cs of success for connected vehicles in this interactive webinar. Hear from expert connected engineers following a vehicle throughout its lifecycle to become the linchpin for continuous improvement of your customers' experiences.

Integrate intelligence into devices and connect them to everything

The electronics industry is disrupting business models by infusing intelligence into devices and connecting them to everything ─ from refrigerators, televisions, and coffee machines to the equipment that manufactures electronics products. Come check out all the IBM Electronics showcased at CES 2018.

The future of call center AI assessment

AI is shaping the future of the customer experience. Customer service in the age of AI integrates bots, messaging and human agents into a single intelligent platform. Spend five minutes or less and answer eight questions to find out how your customer service stacks up.

The future is quantum

Quantum technology has reached an inflection point. IBM Q scientists are continuing to make significant progress across the entire quantum computing technology stack. Now's the time to prepare for the industry's first commercially available universal quantum computers for business and science.