Containerized applications

Containers are small, fast and portable, which is why many organizations are containerizing core applications to develop modern cloud-native applications that are scalable and portable across a hybrid IT environment.

According to Forrester, “Red Hat-IBM offers the leading platform for both developers and operators,” thanks to a “build once, deploy anywhere” infrastructure.


Container orchestration

Implement an open, hybrid cloud container strategy for app development and management with Red Hat® OpenShift® .

App modernization

Accelerate development of modern cloud-native apps and get faster insights co-locating them with business-critical data.

Secure containerized workloads

Deploy OpenShift containerized workloads with the security, scalability and resiliency of IBM® enterprise servers.

High-performance servers for containerized applications

Get industry-leading scalability and price-performance for your container applications by deploying on IBM Power Systems™ scale-out servers.

Persistent storage for containers

Fast-track your journey to hybrid cloud and bring enterprise data services to your container environment.


Kubernetes Services

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Services offers over 20,000 managed production clusters, workload scale and diversity, premium security and compliance, and integration with IBM Watson® and IBM Blockchain.

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