IBM’s response to COVID-19

The challenges we face in light of COVID-19 are unprecedented, but so is our response. As a global community, we can work together to stay informed, adapt to changing circumstances and sustain the digital operations of businesses worldwide.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Time: 14:30 – 15:30 CET

Newlight Technologies, Inc. turns greenhouse gas into a resource

Newlight harnesses blockchain technology — underpinned by the scalability of IBM LinuxONE — to record each step in the transformation of greenhouse gas to high-performance AirCarbon biomaterials, enabling the company to take green technology to new enterprise clients globally.

State Farm accelerates the development of new digital services

Mutual insurer State Farm uses IBM z/OS systems, with modern industry-standard tools, to promote consistent, modern development practices across diverse technology environments, thus simplifying access for business-critical applications to core systems and services.

Cloud Temple protects clients’ mission-critical applications and data

Cloud hosting provider Cloud Temple protects its clients’ virtual machines, improves customer service, and cuts costs by deploying IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to improve backup processes for some 7,500 VMware virtual machines and to save 5 full-time equivalents.

The Weather Company increases accuracy and precision of forecasts

The Weather Company produces personalized and actionable weather data and insights by running higher resolution and more computationally intensive weather models on the latest IBM Power Systems technology, allowing it to increase forecasting precision from 15km to 3km.

Learn how businesses are implementing their hybrid multicloud strategies

Forrester Consulting recently surveyed 350 IT decision makers to get their insights on hybrid multicloud strategy. The findings included important information on the vital role of on-premises infrastructure, why refreshes and upgrades are so important, and the best mix of on-premises cloud technologies.

Learn more about the survey results to find out what they mean for your business.

Join us at the Think 2020 digital event

Held May 5 - 6, Think 2020 will combine live streamed content, interactive sessions and certification, and locally hosted events to highlight IBM’s technology and industry expertise for developers and clients.

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