What is Istio?

Istio is open technology that provides a way for developers to seamlessly connect, manage and secure networks of different microservices — regardless of platform, source or vendor.

Managed Istio is available as part of IBM Cloud™ Kubernetes Service. The service provides seamless installation of Istio, automatic updates and lifecycle management of control plane components, and integration with platform logging and monitoring tools. Add the managed Istio integration to your new or existing clusters and take back control of your microservices today.

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IBM Cloud announces managed Istio

Five exciting things about Istio 1.0

Concepts: Learn the different parts of the Istio system

Istio and microservices: DevOps velocity, without the complexity

What you get

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Key benefits

  • Visibility through monitoring and tracing
  • Resiliency testing and efficiency
  • Traffic control splitting and steering
  • Service security at scale
  • Policy enforcement

Get certified

Complete this learning path to understand 12-factor apps and how microservices are managed with the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and Istio. Get hands-on experience working with containers, Kubernetes and how to deploy containerized apps. Learn how to deploy microservices in a cluster and how to connect, manage and secure those microservices.

Getting Started with Kubernetes on IBM Cloud

Getting Started with Microservices and Istio

Beyond the Basics: Istio and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

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