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Protect your data from ransomware with an isolated recovery environment, integrated virtual network, air gap and immutable storage
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Ransomware demands continue to rise Understand your cyber risk with IBM X-Force threat intelligence USD 5.13 million

the average cost of a ransomware attack in 2023

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ransomware attacks explicitly target backups making ransomware recovery difficult

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1 in 4

of those who pay the ransom, never get their data back

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What is IBM Cloud Cyber Recovery?

IBM Cloud Cyber Recovery is a modern, comprehensive approach to cyber-risk mitigation that provides an easy-to-implement isolated, cyber-resilient infrastructure to address the modern threat of ransomware and advanced cyber-attacks.

It provides a simplified business continuity plan with cost-effective disaster recovery (DR), cloud backup and a robust ransomware recovery solution to protect and restore your data across your IT environments. 

Maximize ransomware protection
Use cases Protect critical backup

Recover from ransomware attacks with the use of simple network-sharing protocols. Implement storage for backup data with an isolated recovery environment to protect both the backup administration console and copies of backup data. 

Data resiliency

Reduce cyber risks by adopting a cyber resilience solution that uses virtual sandboxes for recovery, air-gapped data protection, immutable storage and point-in-time recovery methods designed for cyber outage scenarios.

Isolated recovery

Restore critical data from “clean” backup copies with air-gapped protection and scanning tools for detecting malware for select critical data copies in immutable storage.

Security and compliance

Maintain compliance and regulatory requirements as data is tracked with asset controls through an isolated data recovery infrastructure.

Features Isolated recovery environment

 A dedicated, isolated and secure recovery environment with resources to verify and recover data from an immutable backup copy.

Integrated vCenter server instance

Virtual compute and network resources to host management appliances and test workloads. Options include vSAN or NFS-based storage.

Protection for all types of data, including Power® AIX

Protects full applications, hybrid cloud data, on-premises and configuration data. Recover to any location for secure operations.

Immutable data vault

An immutable, air-gapped tertiary independent copy of the backup in a secure environment.

Easy to build cleanrooms and sandboxes

Cloud-ready models enable data to be recovered onto isolated NSX-T segments for investigation or testing.

IBM Cloud Cyber Recovery as a service

Choice of a fully managed solution with dedicated access or a secure and custom environment for critical security solutions.

Solution architecture
Isolated recovery environment solution architecture The isolated recovery environment solution architecture uses a VMware vCenter Server® instance with the Veeam® service, gateway cluster and choices in air gap gateway options. A complete cloud solution with software licensing, virtual air gap and immutable storage, all in an easy-to-deploy automated solution. Learn more
Cyber recovery with Veeam architecture

Explore two solution architectures that can be used to assist with your cyber-recovery requirements.

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Immutable backup solution architecture

Extend your VMware vCenter Server® instance with the Veeam® service to use immutable storage and minimize costs.

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Veeam components

Check out this document which focuses on the Veeam service instance immediately after provisioning and before any changes occur.

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Strategic partners VMware

Reduce complexity, manage risk and the cost of moving to the cloud. See why VMware and IBM are the perfect partners to protect your mission-critical workloads.


Leverage a solid data resiliency solution, which includes reliable backup, cost-effective disaster recovery (DR) and robust recovery against human errors and ransomware attacks.

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Frequently asked questions

The Cyber Recovery offering is an IBM Cloud for VMware solution, built on the VMware vCenter Server (vCS) platform. The automation provisions a vCS instance complete with:

•Veeam with a Linux-hardened repository for immutable storage

•Choice of Juniper vSRX or FortiGate Virtual Appliance or Fortigate Security Appliance or BYOFW

•Full cloud services as options per the vCS catalog.

•Recover ransomware files with an immutable storage environment and an isolated recovery environment.

The key functions of IBM Cloud Cyber Recovery are:

1. Isolation: Firewalls isolate the environment from production networks and a virtual air gap–a firewall policy that can be toggled to allow temporary backup traffic access.

2. Cleanrooms and Sandboxes: Securely recover protected servers using VMware vSphere ESXi to provide a virtualized compute environment and VMware NSX to provide virtualized networks, routing, firewalling and NAT.

3. Secure backup: Veeam Backup and Replication provide a tertiary write-protected copy of backup data complete with a Linux-hardened repository to provide an immutable storage repository for the backup copies.

Yes, a Veeam Backup and Replication (VBR) server and an immutable storage repository are deployed in IBM Cloud via automation. Choices in automation include the deployment type of the VBR, the size of the repository and the number of Veeam licenses.

Yes, IBM Cloud Cyber Recovery is designed to work alongside disaster recovery solutions to protect the organization from advanced cyber threats and enable ransomware recovery. While disaster recovery is focused on regional disasters such as floods and weather, cyber recovery is specifically designed to protect against the more frequent and more impactful threats such as ransomware. It provides an environment separate from production to ensure the organization’s critical business data can be recovered intact.

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