Why IBM Cloud Private

Extend your investments and build for the future with IBM Cloud™ Private.

IBM Cloud Private enables you to sensibly manage enterprise workloads with the benefit of extra controls for security. A Kubernetes-based container platform, IBM Cloud Private can help you quickly move, modernize and automate workloads or build new cloud-native applications. Development and deployment take place on your own infrastructure and in your data center, mitigating risk and keeping you out of the headlines.

Modernize traditional applications, boosting scalability and resilience. The IBM Cloud Private catalog includes containerized IBM middleware that’s ready to deploy into the cloud. Containerization erases concerns about application-specific breakage points when modernizing monolithic, heritage applications. This enables you to reduce downtime by resolving a single issue without taking down the entire system. IBM also provides capabilities like Transformation Advisor and expert advice from IBM Cloud Garage Services to help you isolate application interdependencies and facilitate the modernization process.

Solve business challenges

Modernize your existing applications with IBM Cloud Private

Move your apps as-is to the cloud or refactor them as microservices for use in development and application workload models.

Create new cloud-native apps with IBM Cloud Private

Streamline development with built-in microservices, run times, containers and Kubernetes orchestration, plus integrated management and IBM Microclimate developer tools.

Leverage public cloud services in a hybrid model

Keep proprietary data on your infrastructure and leverage the full cognitive and data analysis capabilities of IBM Watson® to gain competitive insights, without placing your data on the public cloud.

Ilmarinen uses IBM Cloud Private for competitive advantage

Ilmarinen enabled multicloud management and orchestration with IBM Cloud Private, facilitating optimization of applications through containerization and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) development. Watch the video. 

“IBM Cloud Private is the driving force behind a new, more agile era for Ilmarinen, where we can race ahead of the competition to keep exceeding customers’ expectations.” — Jani Itkonen, Chief Technical Architect, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company 


You don’t have to go it alone. Let IBM Cloud Garage Service help you get started.

Modernize your applications and accelerate your digital transformation with the IBM Cloud Garage Service and the Garage Method.

Expand your knowledge of cloud

Learn how to lead a cloud transformation and innovate in a multicloud world with IBM Cloud Private and container technology. Hear industry analysts and IBM thought leaders discuss public and private cloud, Kubernetes and more in this broadcast series.