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Key claims report

Users explain why they chose IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers over other infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions.

Get started with bare metal

Explore security, storage and software options. Check out tutorials and more.

Aerospike white paper

Discover the high-performance power of a NoSQL database running on IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers to help with real-time decision-making.

Dedicated servers webinar

Learn about IBM Cloud dedicated servers, built for your workloads that demand computing power, custom configurations and automated deployment.

Bare metal versus virtual servers

What’s the difference? Why should you choose bare metal over virtual servers, or vice versa? Learn the key criteria to consider when provisioning your servers.

IBM public cloud community

Discuss IBM public cloud with IT ops managers, solution architects, SREs and other cloud professionals.

Why IBM Cloud for GPU solutions

Learn about the value of choosing IBM Cloud for your GPU requirement and IBM’s current GPU selections and enterprise computing infrastructure.

Bare metal custom image templates

Learn how to capture an image of a bare metal server to replicate its configuration with minimal changes in the order process, to easily move and scale workloads.

Get started on bare metal servers in minutes

We make it easier to build your bare metal server. Start now and get the raw infrastructure-as-a-service horsepower you need.