What are POWER8 Servers? 


POWER8 Servers features

Parallel processing power

Delivers parallel processing of data queries, enabling it to resolve queries faster than other processor architectures. 

Boosted memory bandwidth

CAPI allows the processor to talk directly to the flash drives and use them as an extension of its own memory. The data being cached for in-memory databases can be accessed faster than on any other platform. 

Complex analytical capabilities 

IBM Watson ingests large amounts of structured and semi-structured data, making it ideal for environments that previously would have taken several data scientists to develop the necessary queries to extract key information from the data. 

Cost savings with cloud computing

Cost savings with cloud computing 

POWER8 Servers benefits

Fast access to Linux compute in the cloud

Easily extend your current infrastructure into the cloud and get developers up and running on Linux fast. 

Host data and analytics in Linux

Test, drive and port data and analytics solutions to Linux. Get a secure environment to prove out performance characteristics for Linux workloads. 

Integrate hybrid applications

Maximize performance and efficiency by ensuring systems are close to the data being analyzed. 

POWER8 Servers versions


Starting at $1,010/mo  8 cores | 3.85 GHz  64 GB RAM | 1x1TB HDD Redundant 10Gbps Uplinks Redundant Power Supplies 


Starting at $1,626/mo 10 Cores | 3.49 GHz  256GB RAM | 2x4TB HDD  Redundant 10Gbps Uplinks  Redundant Power Supplies


Starting at $2,150/mo 10 Cores | 3.49 GHz  512GB RAM | 2x6TB HDD  Redundant 10Gbps Uplinks  Redundant Power Supplies


Starting at $2,238/mo 10 Cores | 3.49 GHz  512GB RAM | 2x960GB SSD  Redundant 10Gbps Uplinks  Redundant Power Supplies

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