Making intelligence actionable

The IBM approach to AI-powered automation

IBM views AI-powered Automation as a continuous, closed-loop process where data patterns are discovered and analyzed so that decisions on insights from the data can be translated into automated actions — with AI providing proactive optimizations during each stage.

IBM uses this approach of actionable intelligence to help you deliver IT and business operations with greater speed, lower cost and improved user experience.

The proven approach to automation


Dial with four dial points—Discover, Decide, Act, Optimize—and dial pointing to Discover. “Hybrid cloud platform” at bottom


Use process and task mining to better understand and classify unstructured data and processes, lessening the burden of manually analyzing and orchestrating actions. Application and cloud events with labor actions can identify hotspots and bottlenecks in your operations.


Dial with four dial points—Discover, Decide, Act, Optimize—and dial pointing to Decide. “Hybrid cloud platform” at bottom


Combine the precision of IT automation with well-defined methodology of business automation so you can automate faster and with more accuracy. Pinpoint and make decisions on business and IT operations that are costing you money and impacting your KPIs.


Dial with four dial points—Discover, Decide, Act, Optimize—and dial pointing to Act. “Hybrid cloud platform” at bottom


Apply recommended AI and automation solutions to remediate and improve operations, engaging software bots naturally and collaboratively so engagements become more self-service and productive.


Dial with four dial points—Discover, Decide, Act, Optimize—and dial pointing to Optimize. “Hybrid cloud platform” at bottom


Continuously monitor your automations in real time to predict potential incidents earlier, proactively resolve issues before they impact normal operations and reduce process blockers, resulting in KPI improvements.

Discover how your processes run

Collect, organize and classify vast amounts of data

Combine operational data from your applications, and alerts and logs from your IT infrastructure into a single model that represents all the events and decision patterns in your business. Use AI and machine learning to understand relationships and correlation, derive deep insights and establish baseline KPIs. Without AI, data discovery associated with automation is mostly limited to structured processes and structured data. With AI, the discovery process is no longer blocked by lack of structure. AI allows you to move from discovery to decision-making.

Decide what and how to automate

Identify and prioritize where automation can boost performance

Free your teams to decide where to gain efficiency and use our solutions to visualize performance execution and identify bottlenecks, hot spots, anomalies and outliers. Predict variations with advanced analytics and machine learning. By discovering data patterns across business and IT, decisions can have greater impact through the entire enterprise and your teams can immediately identify where automation can maximize performance.

Act across business and IT

Empower employees with intelligence to achieve desired outcomes

Automate operations quickly across your entire enterprise — business processes, software development, system integration, infrastructure management and IT — centrally, in networks and out to the edge. Leverage the power of AI while arming your employees with the intelligence they need to make more informed decisions and improve outcomes. Engage software bots more naturally and collaboratively so engagements become more self-service and productive, and foster a more collaborative relationship between AI and employees to produce a hybrid workforce.

Optimize for continuous improvement

Capitalize on new insights to proactively improve workflows

Learn from rapid iteration and experimentation, tracking snapshots that capture the impact of your automations and measure the value of what you put in place. Capitalize on new insights and apply enhancements to underlying operations through a closed-loop, data-driven engine. Predict potential incidents earlier so systems can proactively resolve issues before they impact normal operations.

The automation process of discover, decide, act and optimize might lead one to think that automation is a sequential and time-consuming process. While it is absolutely true that perfecting the automation process can take weeks or months, there are fast paths forward. For example, the use of RPA and low-code development are all designed to speed up the automation of "bite-sized" activities or processes so customers can get immediate ROI without having to wait until the entire end-to-end process is automated. The fast turnaround time also allows business and IT to fail fast by iterating quickly and responding in real time to external forces.

Advance into automation with support

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Focus on innovation, keep existing resources in place and be an always-on organization by letting our experts provide full support in your transformation to AI-powered automation. 

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