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Using generative AI and automation, IBM AI assistants empower individuals to do work without needing to have expert knowledge of business processes, software applications, and coding syntax.

Pre-built to add value quickly, these AI assistants feature ever-expanding skill sets, AI models that constantly learn, and automations that can be orchestrated in real time.

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AI assistants

Unlock new levels of productivity with these three AI assistants

AI assistants for enterprise productivity

Enable business users to delegate common and complex tasks using natural language, and help them deliver better decisions and outcomes.

AI assistants for customer support

Empower everyone in the organization to build and deploy better virtual agents to deliver consistent and intelligent customer care – without writing a line of code.

AI coding assistants for enterprise developers

Accelerate developer productivity and onboarding, support application modernization and IT automation.

See how organizations achieved new levels of productivity and customer service with AI assistants City of Helsinki

This capital city is using a ‘multi-chatbot’ to combine capabilities and data from 6 healthcare and social services – tearing down siloes to deliver user-friendly citizen services more efficiently.

Sport Clips

This major US hair care franchise is aiming to grow its workforce by 30% and improve employee productivity and engagement using responsible AI and intelligent automation.

Camping World

This large retailer of recreational vehicles reimagined its customer experience using an AI assistant named Arvee – helping to increase customer engagement by 40% and agent efficiency by 33%.


IBM HR’s learning event management team observed a 15% increase in employee satisfaction after implementing an AI assistant to help managers monitor enrollment, manage customized event promotion, deploy pre-event communications, and execute other critical but repetitive tasks.

Avid Solutions

This R&D firm with a bold mission to revolutionize food production and sustainable agriculture is using AI assistants to help automate and optimize workstreams such as customer onboarding, project management and expense reporting.


This startup and IBM Business Partner is helping companies to improve customer experience by implementing AI assistants that are available 24x7 to answer a wide range of questions with speed, accuracy and consistency.


IBM watsonx Orchestrate allows you to create your own virtual assistants. They take care of the routine tasks so you can focus on the work you love.

Let's rethink customer service

If you were to design your customer service experience for a new company, where would you apply AI to attract and retain more profitable customers?

What are generative AI models?

With all the buzz around ChatGPT, IBM expert Kate Soule explains how large language models work and what this form of generative AI can do for the enterprise.

Your AI for business educational experience

Explore the AI topics that span three core learning areas: the strategic essentials, key elements for enterprise AI, and how to put AI to work.

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Co-create an AI assistants strategy to increase productivity and improve customer experience. 

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