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IBM AI assistants use generative AI to simplify access to information and automation across your business—targeting workflows and processes that are routine or complicated for employees and customers.

Designed for high-impact use cases, our AI assistants can drive significant value by helping to improve productivity, customer experience, application modernization and IT operations. Plus they’re open — designed to work with the systems and models you’re investing in.

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AI assistants

Unlock new levels of productivity with these three AI assistants

AI assistants for enterprise productivity

Enable business users to delegate common and complex tasks using natural language, and help them deliver better decisions and outcomes.

AI assistants for customer support

Empower everyone in the organization to build and deploy better virtual agents to deliver consistent and intelligent customer care – without writing a line of code.

AI coding assistants for enterprise developers

Accelerate developer productivity and onboarding, support application modernization and IT automation.

Case studies for AI assistants

See how organizations achieved new levels of productivity and customer service with AI assistants

Westfield Insurance

This leading US property and casualty insurance provider improved developer productivity using a purpose-built AI coding assistant — reducing the time for a developer to understand the application and its dependencies by 80%.

City of Helsinki

This capital city is using a ‘multi-chatbot’ to combine capabilities and data from 6 healthcare and social services – tearing down siloes to deliver user-friendly citizen services more efficiently.

Sport Clips

This major US hair care franchise is aiming to grow its workforce by 30% and improve employee productivity and engagement using responsible AI and intelligent automation.

Camping World

This large retailer of recreational vehicles reimagined its customer experience using an AI assistant named Arvee – helping to increase customer engagement by 40% and agent efficiency by 33%.

Avid Solutions

This R&D firm with a bold mission to revolutionize food production and sustainable agriculture is using AI assistants to help automate and optimize workstreams such as customer onboarding, project management and expense reporting.


This startup and IBM Business Partner is helping companies to improve customer experience by implementing AI assistants that are available 24x7 to answer a wide range of questions with speed, accuracy and consistency.

Resources Conversational AI use cases for enterprises

Learn about popular real-world use cases, the qualities of a good AI conversationalist, implementation best practices and current trends.

Go from do to done faster

IBM product expert, Tina Williams, walks you through how watsonx Orchestrate can help employees execute common work tasks, faster.

9 ways developers can benefit from gen AI assistants

Understand nine “low hanging fruit” use cases where AI can noticeably speed up team productivity and improve the developer experience.

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