Automate your business end-to-end

It’s time to move beyond the bots and let IBM’s intelligent automation make work less work. On a single platform and on any cloud, you can turn unstructured data into a large-scale, problem-solving opportunity:

  • Discover how your systems and processes run
  • Decide what and how to automate
  • Act across business and IT
  • Optimize for continuous improvement

With IBM Automation solutions, you can reduce time and costs, boost productivity and focus on what matters most: better performance, a stronger workforce and happier customers.

Pearson: embracing automation

Pearson: embracing automation (01:36)

Today in automation

Rebuild your workforce

As companies struggle to hire, can digital labor help with the Great Resignation?

Explore four trends

What’s next in automating the enterprise? Explore the key trends uniquely using AI.

Client story: Deloitte

See how Deloitte used automation to streamline key management report production.

IBM automation solutions

Let's help your workforce work better

Discover IBM’s intelligent solutions to automate business workflows, integrate business systems, gain operational insights and create a more productive workforce.

Let’s make your infrastructure more reliable and cost-effective

Explore IBM IT automation solutions that help you optimize your IT operations with a seamless environment integration.

Let’s improve the speed and quality of your applications

Explore IBM integration solutions that speed development by up to 55%, reduce unplanned outages by up to 60% and take up to 60% less time to manage and monitor, while still maintaining enhanced security, governance and availability.

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