Governments worldwide are at an inflection point in terms of rising citizen expectations, decreasing budgets, a soon-retiring workforce, and outdated infrastructure. Governments need to digitally transform to deliver services citizens want and need. The public expects the agility and efficiency found in the private sector, and governments must embrace new technology, processes, ideas, and workforce skills to thrive.

By Chris Nott on 10 October, 2018

The Ethics of AI in Government

“How was the decision made?” The department’s minister and permanent secretary sat before a select committee looking into a recent tragedy. “The system made the decision using artificial intelligence,” came the reply.  The decision made was poor and had triggered a catastrophic sequence of events. “How did the system make the decision?” the chairman persevered.  […]

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By Ian Baker on 18 September, 2018

The government AI project has already begun

Public sector bodies around the world are already reaping the rewards of investing in AI technology. Originally published in NewStatesmen. By Ian Baker. The promise of artificial intelligence is no longer a nebulous concept on the horizon. The private sector is already exploiting its possibilities, and governments are following suit. We use the broad term […]

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Technologies that are transforming governments

For citizens

IBM Customer Experience

Using AI, understand more data than ever to predict audiences needs before they exist to create unforgettable customer experiences.

On networks

IBM Reinventing Network

Cloud-based network virtualisation combats disruption with unprecedented levels of cognitive automation, enabling the 5G future.

In call centres

Call Centre Solutions

Improve customer service, transform customer relations with AI and spot hot trends and personalise customer experiences

By Sreeram Visvanathan on 17 August, 2018

Artificial Intelligence: New Possibilities for Government

Every company has customers that they care deeply about. Whether you are a retailer selling Italian furniture, an electronics company in China manufacturing the latest computer device, or an oil and gas company delivering oilfield services in Canada, customer is king. However, I would argue that the most important customer-company relationship is that between a […]

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By Sharon Bagshaw on 5 February, 2018

Going Beyond Digital Transformation: The Public Sector

In today’s data economy, people, devices and systems are generating the data points to provide more opportunities for insight and connection than ever before. Data forms the lifeblood of any organization across both the private and public sector. While resources are in short supply and the need for cost efficiency is on the rise, this […]

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