Sharon Bagshaw

By Sharon Bagshaw on 16 April, 2019

Cloud computing: Unlocking its power for government

Originally published in New Statesman. For most of the UK population, cloud-based services are part of everyday life, from online banking and social media to service oriented businesses like Uber. Without equivalent services the  government risks falling short of expectations. Cloud computing is more than an internet-based platform. Harnessing it unlocks the potential to create […]

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By Sharon Bagshaw on 5 February, 2018

Going Beyond Digital Transformation: The Public Sector

In today’s data economy, people, devices and systems are generating the data points to provide more opportunities for insight and connection than ever before. Data forms the lifeblood of any organization across both the private and public sector. While resources are in short supply and the need for cost efficiency is on the rise, this […]

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