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The IBM Institute for Business Value has recently published the “The State of Salesforce” report for 2020-2021. It’s IBM’s annual report on how best performing companies leverage Salesforce to achieve greater business results.

In this special COVID-19 edition, the report outlines and examines how pest performers have evolved and/or changed as a response to the pandemic. For instance, it is explored how businesses are responding to the uncertainty that has arisen and the disruption that has taken place in their segments. But also, how businesses are realigning their priorities and investments in order to adapt to thrive now and in the future.

The best companies meet increasingly complex employee and customer needs with investments in AI, specific industry innovation, workforce recovery solutions, risk managements systems and end-to-end Salesforce integration.

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The report finds that there is emerging is a divide in the market. Some organizations further along their Salesforce journey at the start of the year will continue to pull ahead and build advantages for their business to move forward in the competitive landscape. Other organizations, those slower to adapt and invest in their digital reinventions, continue to lag behind.

To learn more and understand how your business can take the right steps for the future and make the right business case for success, I strongly encourage you to read the full report:

Download the report: The State of Salesforce

You can also find more information on IBM’s vast portfolio of consulting capabilities, services and solutions here. There is almost no limits.

Would you like to start a dialogue on how we at IBM can help you along with your unique digital transformation using Salesforce, then please do not hesitate to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Associate Partner & Salesforce Practice Leader, Nordics, IBM iX

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