Data Democratization – making data available

One of the trending buzzwords of the last years in my world is “Data Democratization”. Which this year seems to have been complemented by “Data Fabric” and “Data Mesh”. What it is really about the long-standing challenge of making data available. It is another one of these topics that often gets the reaction “How hard […]

How to act in the new regulation of financial sector

Our world is changing. Because of that regulators around the world are taking ambitious steps to improve the sustainability of the financial sector and guide capital towards sustainable economic activity. Especially in EU we are seeing a high level of regulations. These regulatory interventions present complex and sensitive legal challenges for financial sector firms, which […]


Private cloud or public cloud? New server technology offers more choice

In September, we launched the new IBM Power E1080 high-end server, for corporate use based on the  new Power10 architecture, the Power E1080. The server can – among many other things – handle a large number of applications and workloads securely, at scale and with highest availability. Going into the spring of 2022, we will […]

Fintechs – pioneering use of generative AI in banking and finance

By Urban Roth, IBM Innovation Studio leader, Stockholm The race is on for leaders to make meaningful use of generative AI and its transformational power for their organisations. Current state of the banking industry – approaches, perceived opportunities and risks In a recent IBM survey of 600 banking executives, 2024 Global Outlook for Financial Services, […]

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IBM and AWS Providing Clients in Finland, Norway and Sweden More Choice With IBM Software on the AWS Marketplace

In a world of complexity, who doesn’t like a little simplicity? That’s why IBM and AWS are making it even easier for clients in Finland, Norway and Sweden to buy, deploy, and do business using IBM Software purchased on the AWS Marketplace. With 44 IBM Software listings, including 29 SaaS offerings, now available, we’re also […]

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Put AI to Work – with Focus on Right Use Cases and Co-creation with IBM Client Engineering

By co-creating AI solutions with industry experts, in the format of a pilot, companies and partners explore and integrate generative AI capabilities into their business – to save time, money or create new business value Blendow Group, Nexer, Edsvärd Hållbarhet, BanFast and Vasaloppet have already successfully explored IBM watsonx to drive business innovation with AI, […]

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IBM announces winners of the 2024 IBM Partner Plus Awards from Denmark, Norway, Poland and Ukraine

Ecosystems are becoming increasingly important in today’s world of digital transformation and AI. They have access to knowledge, resource, and play an important role democratizing technology access, paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse technological future. IBM Partner Plus has become a catalyst for collaboration and innovation. When we launched Partner Plus at […]

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Harnessing AI Governance for Business Success

Artificial intelligence keeps creating opportunities for a wide variety of businesses and purposes, but a coin always has two sides. Strategic investments in this emerging technology could deliver significant competitive advantages.  tBut the wrong bets could open the door to data privacy concerns, legal liabilities, and ethical challenges. As the pressure to find fast ways […]

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IBM & Vasaloppet: Tradition & Innovation

Sedan år 1966 har IBM i rollen som huvudsponsor och innovationspartner till Vasaloppet bidragit med ett flertal framsteg. Med allt från tidiga tekniklösningar såsom hålkort till modern AI-innovation har vi förbättrat fäders och mödrars spår – för fortsatta framtida segrar! Samarbetet, som snart varat i 60 år, har resulterat i att vi tillsammans skapat spännande […]

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IBM receives 2023 Nordics GSI AWS Partner Awards

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company, has announced that IBM is the winner of the 2023 Nordics AWS Partner Award. The award recognizes IBM to play a key role in helping clients drive innovation and build solutions on AWS. Amazon Web Services Partner Awards recognize their Top Partners of the Year and Rising Star Partners of the Year, whose business models have embraced specialization, innovation, and […]

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Setting the asset intensive industries up for the future

Collaboration and information sharing is key to both improved business efficiency and more sustainable businesses across a broad range of asset intensive industries. That is why Sharecat developed a unique information exchange platform, supported by IBM Cloud, in a secure and optimized environment. The platform offers individual users across various industries an opportunity to benefit from the efforts of thousands with a platform constructed to provide […]

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Addressing the challenges for compliance for the Swedish financial sector – management of risk and costs for compliance

Claes Norgren, Managing Director IBM Promontory Compliance in the financial sector is a critical aspect to ensure that financial institutions adhere to the rules and regulations that govern their operations. With technological advancements in recent years, it has become increasingly important for financial institutions to understand the impact on compliance in order to benefit from […]

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