Arrow Security Inspiration

IBM has together with other IT cooperations partnered up to present the Event: “Arrow Security Inspiration“. IT security is probably the subject of the global IT industry that has peaked most in recent years. The threat of hackers and IT criminals against citizens, businesses and authorities has moved very close, and the digital attacks are becoming […]


Webinar: Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a mega trend that will mean a paradigm shift where digital workforce changes work processes and the view of work. According to a study by Mc Kinsey in 2017, 60% of all work can be automated by 30% and this seminar is aimed for those who are curious or […]


Post The GDPR Compliance Deadline – Are all companies now GDPR Compliant?

Interestingly in relation to this question a surprising number of companies believe they are not compliant according to research carried  out by TrustArc and published on July 12th. Below are some of the interesting findings why got. Only 20% of those surveyed believe they are compliant. In fact 27% have not yet started the implementation. […]

Webinar: How digitalization of business contributes to the recycling earth’s resources

Learn how digitization of business processes for mobile devices helps to recycle Earth’s resources and with this create a better world for our children. Learn how intelligent use of mobile devices and business process digitization has helped RGS Nordic  increase productivity and improve their Results with Unified Endpoint Management. In the webinar Morten Norup, Admire […]

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Meet IBM @ High Tech Summit

Following last years succes, IBM will also this year be a major part of the High Tech Summit, powered by DTU (Technical University of Denmark). The summit aims to create the largest research-based meeting place in Denmark within the field of digitization. The conference takes place @DTU Lyngby on on October 10th & 11th. The […]

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Seeing Assets in new ways through Augmented Reality (AR)

IBM is using Augmented Reality with Maximo to capture complex asset maintenance business process in a visual format that can be easily consumed by new workforce entering the organization. This webinar on October 10th will feature a demonstration of a real-world field service use case for predictive maintenance and issue diagnosis. Click here to register […]

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Let’s Put Smart to Work

Let’s Put Smart to Work: By combining talent and technology, people are changing their businesses – and the world. Today, we live in a world filled with smart technology. But it’s only really smart when it’s put to work at scale, from agriculture and conservation to healthcare, security and global trade. Technology has to be […]

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Watson Data & AI webinar series

Artificial intelligence is everywhere – at least the buzzword gets namedropped everywhere. In this webinar series you will get a look beyond the AI hype into the actual capabilities necessary to build business-relevant AI applications. We will start from understanding your data landscape, discuss how to leverage it and how to infuse AI into your […]

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Visit our new landing site and a new way to Think about IBM Security

This is the starting point for IBM Security related blogs and solution information. In IBM Security, we help protect the world’s data against cyber attacks in a challenging and constantly changing environment which puts us under obligation to continuously evolve our capabilities. On this site you will find key elements of our solutions that builds […]

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Come on – who cares about IBM introducing a new storage system?

For one, our customers do. With everyone talking about data “being the new oil”, explosive data growth, 80% of all data resides within the companies etc. it is quite evident that storing and retrieving data is of outmost importance. That’s why IBM get quite some “likes” when introducing what is probably the fastest storage system […]

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Welcome to the trusted economy

In the digital economy, trust is everything. The world is in the midst of a transformation, which has a profound effect on us as individuals, in business and in society at large. As businesses adapt to capitalize on digital, trust will be the currency that drives this new economy. Join experts at this year Large […]

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Welcome to IBM Systems Technical University in Rome

Join us Grow your skills with in-depth pure technical training at the IBM Systems Technical University in Rome, Italy. Learn how you can harness the power of IBM Systems solutions to help turn your IT challenges into successes. Don’t get left behind — learn to leverage disruptive technology trends like cloud and cognitive. You’ll learn […]

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