Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps: AI-powered IT automation

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In this blog, I would like to present some of the most important elements of IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps.

Let me first describe the solution in short. IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps is a platform that deploys AI across the ITOps toolchain so you can confidently assess, diagnose, and resolve incidents across mission-critical workloads. Moreover, it helps you automate labor-intensive and repetitive IT-tasks and mitigate high-risk events before they occur.

In the video below, my colleague, Whitney Lee, explains through visuals how the Cloud Pak solution can help you automate your IT operations to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and maintain the resiliency and security you need to drive good and stable end-user experiences.

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Four key benefits of Watson AIOps

Watson AIOps in general has a wide range of possibilities and advantages that the aforementioned Cloud Pak can help you leverage much easier. Below, four of the major benefits are highlighted for you to understand the key features of AIOps and in what situations it is particularly beneficial.

  • Diagnose problems faster:
    • Correlate a vast amount of unstructured and structured data in real-time with AIOps tools.
  • Gain insights where you work:
    • Correlate a vast amount of unstructured and structured data in real-time with AIOps tools.
  • Build and manage securely
    • Build policy at the microservice level and automate across application components.
  • Manage accross resources
    • Manage applications and infrastructure with visibility across environments.

To learn about these and other key advantages of the solution in detail, please check out the ~30 minute-long webinar called “Transform IT Operations with Watson AIOps and multicloud management from IBM“.

Lastly, make sure to check out the solution information site, or feel free to contact me directly at to discuss how your specific business can leverage the many opportunities it offers.

Technical Sales Specialist - IBM Cloud

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