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Enfo: Integration as a Service – Everything included

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Enfo is an IBM Gold Business Partner and we enable customers to deal with their digital transformations, for instance, by working with IBM technologies within several areas including integration, strategic asset management and information management.

Today, I would like to present our offering Integration as a Service (IaaS).

Integration as a Service

With this service, you can order integrations and we will deliver them with a defined time frame to the IBM cloud platform, where we will manage and support your integrations and APIs. It is our responsibility to make sure everything works smoothly. Some of the key benefits with the solution is that you do not have to manage consultants or deal with expensive migration projects. It’s a cloud service and an easy way to purchase integrations without the hassle of worrying about resources, technology issues and daily operations.


You order integrations seamlessly through our service (SPIN) by filling out a simple form – see how easy it is in the presentation video via the link. The SPIN-portal has built-in automatic guidance to ensure the request will be conducted in the right way and when it’s done, the integration order is categorized based on the complexity and size. Our developers then develop the integration for a fixed price and within a specified time and you will thus not experience any unpleasant and costly surprises. You will be able to track the status of your order and follow the progress along the development. Once deployed, you will furthermore be able to track both usage and invoicing from the portal.

Everything included

As an integral part of this service, we at Enfo will take of everything, so you don’t have to deal with the administration of (another) cloud platform partnership. This includes dealing with agreements, SLAs and invoicing administration with supporting service providers. Moreover, this service includes that we are staying informed about lifecycle changes to the IBM platform components, and then making changes to integrations to ensure the functionality at all times.

Run-time & pricing

Lastly, this service and the SPIN-portal make sure that you will always be aware of run-time, any ongoing incidents and that you can report your own issues and track them from there. The invoicing is easily understandable, and you will not experience changing cloud pricing plans that can involve uncertainty. If you have more than 5 integrations, we will reduce the price for any additional integrations. If you have more than 20 integrations, we can offer you a customized price plan.

More info & next step on Integration as a Service

To see all the details on our Integration as a Service offering in a compressed format, please consider to download our handy leaflet – we will be happy to help you accelerate your digitalization journey.

If you want to start a dialogue on how we can help you with your unique needs or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

About Enfo

Enfo is s Nordic IT service company that supports its customers’ data-driven business transformation. With deep expertise in hybrid platforms, information management and applications, Enfo bring together relevant data for more intelligent operations. As a data integrator looking to lead the way, Enfo is transforming the way data is managed, refined, analyzed and used in ecosystems. And this is where the magic happens – bringing data together provides long-term business value. Enfo has extensive platform expertise and steadfast confidence in the cloud. They both build and run digital solutions, supporting their customers with genuine care in mastering complexity.

Business Architect, Enfo

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