IBM tech predictions for 2019

Drawing on IBM’s unmatched capabilities to meet clients’ most pressing needs, here are five of the most important tech predictions for 2019 that cut across AI, blockchain, regulation, quantum computing and hybrid cloud: Blockchain goes mainstream… quietly In 2019, consumers will begin to see blockchain applied to a variety of everyday uses, but they probably won’t […]

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SLUSH is a student-driven Finnish origin initiative where every attendee has an unique experience, which broadens the understanding of the event’s concept in total. It is a mixture of a business event and a festival, where business is the priority, but it ends up being a party. From a 300 persons assembly, it has now grown […]

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Call for Code

INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY FOR GOOD The issue: Natural disaster preparedness and relief. How will you answer the call?   The Call for Code Global Initiative is the largest and most ambitious effort to bring startup, academic, and enterprise developers together and inspiring them to solve one of the most pressing societal issues of our time: […]

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