November 17, 2022 By Ashley Bassman
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The database built to run the world’s mission-critical workloads is on AWS.

In May 2022, IBM officially announced its strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services to deliver IBM SaaS products in the AWS marketplace. IBM’s SaaS products on AWS are designed to provide customers with the availability, elastic scaling, governance and security required for their mission-critical workloads, fully managed in the cloud. The IBM and AWS partnership gives customers the opportunity to quickly get started with IBM SaaS products, integrated into the AWS services and experience.  

“The IBM and AWS partnership allows our joint customers to accelerate their data modernization strategy in the cloud by combining the mission-critical reliability and performance of our databases and AWS’ cloud infrastructure,” said Edward Calvesbert, Executive Director – Product Management, IBM Data Management. “Through our multi-year agreement, IBM’s entire databases portfolio will be available to run as software or SaaS on AWS. For existing IBM Db2 and Netezza data warehouse customers, migrating to a fully managed SaaS deployment on AWS has never been easier, with risk-free, frictionless upgrades.”

Why Db2 on AWS?

Designed by the world’s leading database experts, IBM Db2 empowers developers, data engineers, DBAs and enterprise architects to run low-latency transactions and real-time analytics for the most demanding workloads. IBM Db2 accelerates time-to-value through end-to-end management of transactional, operational and analytical data across any cloud. Whether you need faster customer insights powered by in-memory processing or the ability to run cloud-native apps, Db2 is built to enable faster, data-driven decisions and drive innovation within your organization.

With over 30 years of expertise and innovation, IBM has consistently evolved Db2 to support ever-changing workload demands. Through our partnership with AWS, we will continue to deliver the tested, resilient and scalable cloud-first Db2 database for transactional and analytical workloads, providing the extreme availability, built-in refined security, effortless scalability and intelligent automation for systems that run the world. 

What Db2 offerings are available on AWS? 

IBM Db2 Database for low-latency, mission-critical transactional workloads

IBM Db2 Database — our cloud-native relational database — is built on IBM Db2’s decades of innovation in bringing data governance, data security, low-latency transactions and continuous availability to your mission-critical applications, allowing operations to run faster and more efficiently. It provides a single place for DBAs, enterprise architects and developers to keep current applications running, store and query anything, and simplify the development of new applications. No matter the volume or complexity of transactions, make your applications secure, highly performant and resilient with Db2 on AWS.

Leverage your existing investment in Db2 by bringing your license directly to AWS with these deployment offerings:

  • Db2 on AWS IaaS: For customers who prefer to have full control over the deployment of their high-performance transactional database, Db2 is offered on AWS IaaS.
    • Choose between a single-node deployment (ideal for dev/test or light workloads that do not require failure redundancy) or HA/DR deployments that provide enterprise-class resiliency for your mission-critical workloads.
    • Configure and customize your own high-availability (HA), disaster-recovery (DR), backup and restore plan and posture.
    • Learn more about Disaster Recovery and High Availability approaches for Db2 on AWS IaaS.
  • Db2 pureScale on AWS Marketplace: Mission-critical workloads require continuous availability at scale. With best-in-class failure detection and recovery, eliminate unplanned downtime while achieving high performance with IBM® Db2® pureScale® on AWS. pureScale® leverages the IBM® Db2® parallel sysplex architecture, providing continuous availability that runs anywhere, whenever you need it:
    • Build and deploy faster — you can shorten cluster readiness from week(s)/month(s) to minutes with a one-click automated deployment in the cloud.
    • Always-on to ensure continuity, security and performance to keep applications and daily operations running smoothly.
    • Reduce costs by achieving optimal resource utilization at all times, which helps to keep application response times low, while reducing the risk and cost of application changes. Application transparency allows a seamless transition from clusters in traditional data 
    • Resiliency allows you to reliably process rapidly changing, diverse and unpredictable workloads in the cloud
    • Get started with IBM® Db2® pureScale® on AWS Marketplace.
  • Db2 Database on AWS ROSA/EKS: For customers who prefer to have full control over the deployment of their high-performance transactional database, Db2 Database is also available on AWS EKS/ROSA:
    • Use our detailed reference architecture to deploy the Db2u container for warehousing workloads on either a fully managed OpenShift service (AWS ROSA) or fully managed Kubernetes service (AWS EKS).
    • Easily manage, monitor and maintain a fleet of database instances — all uniformly managed with the Db2u container operator.
    • Follow the reference architecture as provided or customize your deployment by choosing an appropriate set of EC2 nodes for your specific workload or performance requirements.
    • Learn more about how to get started with Db2 Database on AWS ROSA and AWS EKS.

IBM Db2 Warehouse for high-performance, petabyte-scale, analytics workloads

With the power of IBM Db2 Warehouse and AWS, we are making analytics secure, collaborative and real-time in the cloud. Our cloud-native data warehouse is built on Db2’s decades of innovation in data governance and security, responsible data sharing, advanced in-memory processing and massively parallel scale. Regardless of whether your data is unstructured or resides in your lake, you can only power faster decision-making and innovation across your organization when analytical data is unified, accessible and scalable. Db2 Warehouse deployments on AWS include the following:

  • Db2 Warehouse on AWS ROSA/EKS: For customers who prefer to have full control over the deployment of their data warehouse:
    • Use our detailed reference architecture to deploy the Db2u container for warehousing workloads on either fully managed OpenShift service (AWS ROSA) or a fully managed Kubernetes service (AWS EKS).
    • Follow the reference architecture as provided or customize your deployment by choosing an appropriate set of EC2 nodes for your specific workload or performance requirements
    • As a self-managed offering, customers are responsible for instantiation, scaling, backup/restore and ongoing management.
    • Learn more on how to get started with Db2 Warehouse on AWS ROSA and AWS EKS
  • Db2 Warehouse Fully Managed: Simplify database administration and maintenance with Db2 Warehouse deployed as a fully managed service:
    • Automation of daily tasks, including monitoring, uptime checks and backups.
    • Manage costs at scale and enable price-performance and cost predictability of your database with elastic scale and a cloud-native architecture based on object storage. 
    • Independent scaling of storage and compute — scale (burst) on compute (up to 576 cores or 1,152 vCPUs) and increase storage (up to 144TB, not accounting for compression).
    • Self-service backup and restore allows for up to seven snapshot backups (included), with an option for unlimited backups to Amazon S3. Restore with the click of a button.
    • For existing Db2 Warehouse customers, migrating to a fully managed SaaS deployment on AWS has never been easier with risk-free, frictionless upgrades
    • Learn more about Db2 Warehouse or try out Db2 Warehouse on Cloud for free today.

Register for the webcast and learn more

This is only the beginning for IBM Db2 offerings on AWS. We look forward to bringing the entire IBM Db2 and IBM database portfolio onto AWS through our partnership. Whether you decide to deploy on AWS, hybrid cloud or on-premises, Db2 is essential to your hybrid cloud, AI and data fabric strategy. 

Join us Wednesday, December 7, 2022 for a peek into latest cloud-first innovations from IBM Db2 and the AWS partnership. Register for the webcast today!

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