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The tested, resilient, always-on database built to run anywhere

IBM® Db2® is a cloud-native database built on decades of expertise in bringing data governance and security, low-latency transactions, and continuous availability to your mission critical apps and operations. It provides a single place for DBAs, enterprise architects, and developers to keep apps running, store and query anything, and simplify development. No matter the volume or complexity of transactions, make your applications secure, highly performant, and resilient anywhere.

Learn about 1.5x improved load time and other enhancements in Db2 11.5.8 cloud-first

What's new in Db2? A look at new cloud database offerings with AWS and IBM Db2

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Put your data to work with Db2 Modernize mission-critical apps

Run mission critical applications with continuous availability, built-in refined security, and effortless scalability, anywhere.

Puma drives innovation with scalable processing and availability
Deliver innovative experiences

Make data available, accessible and scalable regardless of workload demands. Build global experiences supported by cross-region disaster recovery, built-in data governance and extreme resiliency

Audi prepares for connected cars and autonomous driving
Secure and govern your data

Use Db2’s built in encryption, access controls, data masking and more to protect your most sensitive data located in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises.

Knowis AG supports vital financial services in the cloud
Why IBM Db2 database? Read how Db2 customers are seeing a 241% ROI Control your costs

Control your database costs with a cloud-native infrastructure built on scalable storage and compute. Seamlessly scale to meet your application and user demands.

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Run your database responsibly

Cut server power consumption, improve energy efficiency, and enhance sustainability for IT operations with advanced storage compression and dynamic resource allocation.

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Experience continuous availability

Achieve continuity and avoid data-related outages with cross-region disaster recovery and continuous availability that runs anywhere, whenever you need it.

Learn about IBM Db2 pureScale® on AWS
Keep your data safe

Keep your data encrypted, masked and protected across hybrid, on-premises, and cloud environments with Db2 expertise and innovation.

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Extend skillsets across workloads

Move data seamlessly from your Db2 database to data warehouse for analytics, while saving time and costs on additional resources and new skillsets.

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Build more, manage less

Simplify database administration and maintenance with Db2 deployed as a fully managed service, Kubernetes container with built-in operators, or infrastructure as a service.

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Your choice of deployment model Translate queries across vendors, languages, locations and structures How to choose the best model Cloud-managed service

Deploy Db2 as a fully managed, SLA-backed service on IBM Cloud®. Take advantage of continuous updates, security patches, on-demand scaling and cost predictability in the cloud.

Explore Db2 on Cloud
Cloud-managed container

Deploy Db2 as a container on cloud-managed Red Hat® OpenShift® or Kubernetes services on AWS and Microsoft Azure, and quickly integrate Db2 into your cloud solution.

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Self-managed infrastructure or IaaS

Deploy Db2 as a traditional installation on top of on-premises infrastructure or cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service and get control of your Db2 deployment.

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Key features of IBM Db2 database

Db2 for database administration Keep your transactions available, secure and automatically maintained. Check out the database management console Continuous availability and disaster recovery

Auto resynchronization and recovery plus clustering with IBM Db2 pureScale keeps business running 24x7. We provide flexibility not only to replicate a cluster to another region but to choose what gets replicated and deployed anywhere.

Data-driven security

Db2 is built with end-to-end security capabilities to protect data in-motion and at rest, monitor and detect unknown behaviors, and ensure the privacy of your data.

Automated administration and maintenance

Db2’s built-in container operators automate maintenance activities, memory tuning, and more. Automate database operations with adaptive workload management and a ML-optimized query engine.

For enterprise architects Built for any data type, any workload, anywhere. Discover Db2 on Cloud capabilities and deployment Multiple data types and languages

Ingest, store and query a mix of models including XML, JSON, text, Graph, spatial data in a single multimodel database deployed in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises.

Industry-leading performance

See a potential for 30% improvement in transactional response time⁶ with fast data retrieval and queries plus disk space compression.

Advanced protection

Employ advanced authorization, encryption at rest and in transit, and comprehensive security controls for managing GDPR compliance.

Db2 for developers Let’s build something great. Explore the developer hub Multiple data types and languages

Develop robust applications. Db2 is built for programming languages such as Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, R, Perl, C, C++, pureXML, Gremlin, XQuery, Mongo, FLWOR Expression, and JSON. 

Check out the documentation
Run code without complexity

Integrate additional features with IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio. Explore database objects, tune queries and more. Other features help novice Db2 users build SQL with ease.

Explore Db2 add-ins
Integrate apps and services anywhere

Connect your web, mobile, and cloud applications with Db2 data through a set of scalable, seamless RESTful APIs, fully integrated in the Db2 distributed data facility (DDF). 

Read the REST API documentation
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Database resource usage Get resource usage information for running or queued queries.

Database throughput Check the rate that data changes are retrieved, sent and applied on the target system.

Scalability Monitor on-demand scalability in Db2 on Cloud to manage data needs.

Data load Get quick data transfer to Db2 on Cloud from cloud-based storage or your desktop.

Case studies

Owen-Illinois Owens-Illinois migrated their worldwide database infrastructure to Db2, reporting a 7-figure cost reduction, up to a 30% improvement in performance, and reduced storage footprint¹. Watch the video (2:53)

Audi AG Audi has worked with IBM for years to improve performance and to lay the foundation for digital transformation and face the rapid changes in the automotive industry. Read the case study

Sicoob credit union Sicoob worked with IBM to migrate member databases to IBM DB2 to manage IT complexity without impacting service quality. Limitless scale out removes barriers to growth.

Knowis Knowis and IBM worked together to help Knowis address new markets by breaking down deployment barriers, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Watch the video (1:34)

IBM Db2 recognized for G2 and TrustRadius awards IBM Db2 is a leader in the Spring 2023 Report for data warehousing and Top Rated on TrustRadius for relational databases, DBaaS, data warehousing and cloud data warehousing. TrustRadius Best of 2023

IBM Db2 is Top Rated on TrustRadius for relational databases, DBaaS, data warehousing and cloud data warehousing.

IBM is a G2 Spring 2023 Leader

IBM Db2 is a leader in the Spring 2023  Report for data warehousing 

IBM is a Gartner Customer Choice 

IBM is a 2022 Gartner® Peer Insights™ Customers’ Choice for Cloud Database Management Systems.

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What's new with Db2 Db2 for SAP Applications

Db2 is built for for mission critical workloads. Experience the hybrid cloud database for your data-intensive SAP applications.

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Get up to speed on Db2 on Cloud

IBM Db2 on Cloud is a fully managed public cloud service on IBM Cloud. It delivers fast query processing with enterprise-level performance OLTP.

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Db2 on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM leaders Daniel Hernandez and Ayal Steinberg explore how the right data management foundation can accelerate AI adoption.

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Resources IBM Db2 Database solution brief

Keep applications running, store and query anything and simplify deployment.

Database documentation

Get the latest documentation from Db2's Knowledge Center repository.

Db2 for developers

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