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The current environment provides an unprecedented challenge for businesses across the globe. More than ever, there is a need to quickly analyze insights and make fast decisions as the market changes. As demands for real-time data increase, businesses with strapped resources need to make advanced analytics capabilities more available and accessible to anyone.

Data is only continuing to grow, and in order to respond to the market, businesses need to quickly analyze vast amounts of data, produce reports and dashboards, and help decision-makers act confidently in any scenario. It is essential to track all operations, minute by-minute, driving improvements in business processes that will move organizations towards even more efficiency and profitability while remaining in regulatory compliance.

It’s an unfortunate fact that a lot of businesses lack an easy-to-use analytics solution that satisfies all of their data preparation, exploration, analysis, and reporting needs. Without a modern business intelligence solution, organizations may be vulnerable to exposure and risk. Businesses that don’t adapt are ones that will get caught up in wrangling spreadsheets and using inaccurate data to drive decisions.

That’s where IBM Cognos Analytics comes into play. With its USD $15 single-seat licensing option and built-in AI capabilities, Cognos makes self-service analytics available to everyone.

Faster, more accurate data exploration and reporting

Traditional analytics solutions involve an endless tedium of manual data preparation, analysis and reporting. However, a key benefit of Cognos Analytics is the reduction of time to discover, analyze and share key changes in business results. With advanced AI capabilities, businesses can quickly and easily support data exploration and dashboard creation.

IBM Cognos Analytics doesn’t just show a bar chart—it interprets the data for the user with AI. Users can ask a question in plain language and receive an actionable answer. Analysts can use these more advanced and predictive insights to dive deeper into the data, all from the same browser window. Users can also cleanse and combine data sources in minutes with AI-assisted data prep, which makes recommendations on ways to join and blend the data.

The AI within the solution helps create detailed dashboards and recommends the best way to visualize data for the highest impact. This allows business users to spend less time on manual tasks, and more time on meaningful work.

Data for all

One of the most common inefficiencies with traditional data analysis solutions is that only data analysts know how to use it. Without users of all skill-levels being able to access the data and actually use their analytics platform to drive decision making, businesses will fall behind.

By understanding and sharing the full story behind the data, users can combine the tools they need (i.e. IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1), from operational reporting to smart data discovery. Cognos Analytics also conveniently integrates with the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform with no need for third-party add-ons.

Securely analyze data right where it lives

With Cognos Analytics, everyone can ask questions and collaborate with the same data, and everyone gets the same results. Break down silos and share dashboards and reports with anyone in the organization. Connect business analysts to data scientist, all in the same environment – with ease and speed. As an added benefit, Cognos Analytics has strong governance rules that scale, so nobody has access to data or assets they aren’t supposed to see, whether it’s one user or ten thousand. And because it connects directly to data sources, there’s less risk of data leakage or “bad” data contaminating your results.

Start small and grow as you go

Cognos offers fast and easy scalability as the business grows. From one user to ten thousand: even a single license can access unrestricted analytics capabilities. As an added bonus, IBM Cognos Analytics integrates with other solutions so businesses can get the whole picture by offering a full suite of solutions that support every phase of the analytics cycle so organizations can be well-equipped for the future. Mix and match capabilities for users without blowing the budget—and with no minimum user count. It’s only USD $15 per user per month. Start with a free trial— no downloads and no data migration. Plus, it’s available on cloud or on premises.

Save time and cost with a modern self-service analytics solution. To learn more about IBM Cognos Analytics, visit our website, try the interactive demo and sign up for a free trial.

Accelerate your journey to AI.

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