Engage with data so everyone finds answers they can trust.

Understand what is happening with your business like never before. Make use of expertly-authored reports, guide your analysis with system generated starting points, ask questions of your data, predict outcomes, visualize results and share them through dashboards or stories. Expand your personal and organizational expertise with the guidance of smarter analytics from IBM. 

Business intelligence for every user

For information consumers

You love that your information arrives on your desktop fully interactive. Customize it to meet your needs and save and subscribe to your personal view. Dive deeper and you’re on your way to becoming a Data Explorer.

For data explorers

You want independence to work with corporate and other data. Answer questions, identify patterns and drivers. Explore discoveries the system generates without human bias. Capture your findings to easily share or prototype models and reports to hand over to Power Users.

For power users

Access and prepare all types of data and reports for your organization. Manage your content and users with a custom look and feel. With scheduled distribution, it’s easy to share at scale with Information Consumers.


Setup for a comprehensive view of your business

Brings insights across all your data sources within and outside your organization.  Flexible to work with your own data or take advantage of data and content built by others to find precise and timely answers.

Architected for scalable, secure and governed analytics

Scale across the enterprise with a spectrum of analytics capabilities from fully administered to do it yourself (governance when needed) to have the confidence and control in your analytics.

Equipped with built-in intelligence and learning

Contextualized smart search in all your data sources, widgets, dashboard, or report to easily and quickly find what you are looking for without leaving the environment. Automatically build data models based on your search keywords then intelligently recommend the best data visualization based on data selected. 

Featured solution

IBM Cognos Analytics

Become more analytics-driven with an integrated solution for all your managed and self-service needs. Empower people to work with data and find their own answers within a governed framework.


IBM Watson Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your data with easy-to-use analytics.  Interact conversationally to explore and visualize business insights.

IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media

Understand your audience and gain insight into context and behavioral sentiment across millions of online data and social media sources through social intelligence and advanced text analytics.

IBM Planning Analytics

Planning, budgeting, forecasting and multidimensional analysis--powered by IBM TM1.

SPSS Modeler

SPSS Modeler is the graphical Data Science and Predictive Analytics platform for users with all skill levels to develop and deploy analytics at scale to improve business outcomes.


Ranking enterprise BI platforms

IBM has been named a market leader in the recent BARC Score Business Intelligence report, covering a broad range of BI technologies and services within the enterprise. See why IBM Analytics ranks so highly.

How IBM delivers smarter business intelligence

How does a company apply all available data in order to increase revenue, increase efficiency, and improve decision making? See what Frost & Sullivan have to say.

Get your money back – up to 617% ROI

A new TVO (Total Value of Ownership) report details the cost savings you can achieve with IBM Cognos Analytics both on-premises and on cloud.

5 tips to grow your own "citizen" data scientists

2.5 quintillion new bytes of data are created around the world each day. That’s a lot of data to manage. Learn how you can grow your own "citizen data scientists" capable of analyzing and using this data to spur innovation.

Customer success

Take flight with analytic agility and control

WestJet Airlines Ltd., a Canadian airline, uses new dashboard, mapping, and data visualization features in IBM Cognos Analytics to ensure customers enjoy their flight.

Using analytics to gain a competitive edge

Mueller uses analytics to help line-of-business leaders analyze new data sets for unexpected trends and patterns. This gives unprecedented insight and helps answer questions they didn’t even know to ask.

Powering smarter decisions with fast, flexible analytics

A large, distributed electric utility brought together data from different people, programs, systems and states, and used a single analytics solution to generate organization-wide insights quickly and reliably.

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