April 20, 2021 By Michael Thompson 2 min read

Today, the WebSphere team is proud to announce our newest offering, IBM® WebSphere® Automation.

Automate WebSphere operations to quickly unlock value with increased security, resiliency and performance.

What is WebSphere Automation?

IBM WebSphere Automation is focused on delivering value into existing WebSphere Application Server (WAS) environments, helping administrators reduce the cost, effort and risk of addressing common vulnerabilities, automating tasks and remediating capacity incidents.

It removes manual toil so that your team can spend more time innovating while minimizing the cost of extending the life and maximizing the ROI of your WebSphere investments.

How does IBM WebSphere Automation provide quick ROI?

In conversations with customers, the same three concerns come up repeatedly. Organizations need to keep their IT estate secure and compliant, resilient to disruption and running optimally while reducing costs and maximizing ROI.

WebSphere Automation helps organizations gain visibility, operational efficiencies and cost savings quickly by extending the life of WebSphere investments and giving teams time back to focus on unlocking new value and fixing the imbalance of pure maintenance versus innovation tasks.

  • WebSphere operators and administrators save time and embrace DevSecOps by implementing patches more efficiently on virtual and container environments to keep operations compliant and secure.
  • Enhance remediation capabilities with insights and recommendations to improve the speed and depth of understanding of outages and anomalies as they occur.
  • Augment the operational experience with access to simplified and consolidated information that enables teams to take action

With WebSphere Automation, security, business efficiency and resiliency become standard. IBM can meet you wherever you are in your optimization and automation journeys to help you quickly deliver value and increase ROI, all while laying a solid automation foundation to support future growth.

Where can I learn more about WebSphere Automation?

WebSphere Automation is available as a stand-alone offering or as an addition to IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps to help take WAS understanding of Ops even further.

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