Proactive CVE remediation: Remove the labor-intensive manual work from your operations team.


What is IBM WebSphere Automation software?

Automate IBM WebSphere operational activities to proactively reduce security risk and accelerate threat remediation. Remove the labor-intensive manual  work from your operations team  to ensure continuous security compliance with automated  vulnerability assessment, tracking and  remediation. Manual tasks and inadequate visibility hampers the ability to deliver a strong security posture.

IBM is offering WebSphere Automation to simplify the way operations teams work.  Automate  your existing IBM WebSphere security and operational activities to reduce the cycle time of threat  remediation and minimize your threat exposure. Leverage automation to protect your business and most critical assets, so your teams can focus on the work that matters the most.

Use cases

Proactive CVE protection

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Proactive CVE protection

Ensure continuous security compliance with automated vulnerability assessments, tracking and remediation of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).

Reduce time to resolution of disruptive memory leaks

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Reduce time to resolution of disruptive memory leaks

Get the insight needed to resolve memory leaks without burdening your operations team.

Automated inventory tracking for WebSphere

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Automated inventory tracking for WebSphere

An accurate, single source of truth across deployment environments. Track all your WAS and Liberty servers from a consolidated dashboard.


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Demo videos

Rapidly respond to potential risks

Address security vulnerabilities rapidly with WebSphere Automation.

Enhance your security posture

See how WebSphere Automation enhances the security posture of your existing WebSphere estate.

Address and eliminate memory leaks

Watch how WebSphere Automation can help you address and eliminate memory leaks.

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